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Foster Social Charity With Fubon Insurance’s Core Competencies

Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd

Fubon Insurance set off from professionalism and devote to social welfare, creating positive social value.


Fubon Insurance introduced the “Immediate Assistance” initiative in May 2013 to collaborate the competencies and understanding of Fubon Insurance’s claim adjusters, adopting the “people first” spirit in its services. By offering real time on-site assistance when an accident occurs, they help to alleviate traffic congestion by having the vehicles removed from the site as quick as possible. This will also help prevent the possibility of subsequent accidents. Fubon Insurance not only hope to bring better services to the general public, but the ultimate goal is to bring a secure driving environment for all, so everyone can enjoy a safer journey.


Whether it is on a workday or weekends, when the claim adjuster is called to look into an auto accident in the city or in the country side, they will proactively offer assistance. Using the mobile claim APP developed in-house by Fubon Insurance, they will be able to know immediately whether the vehicles involved in the accident are insured with Fubon. If the vehicle is insured with Fubon, the relevant application forms can be generated immediately and the claim handling process will be activated. If the vehicles are not insured with Fubon, the adjusters will still help the victims by providing professional claim consultation service, assist them with on-site matters and keep photos and other information related to the accident. This is consistent with Fubon Insurance’s caring spirit of “Being where the customer’s demand is”.


Since its inception in May, 2013, the program has handled over 5,700 cases, 60 percent of which were not insured with Fubon Insurance and 70 percent of the cases occurred during non-working hours. Feedbacks from the people have been positive and many spoke highly of the service which combines mobile technology with a caring spirit. Through this initiative, Fubon was able to win the hearts of those who were initially not insured with the company with many willing to entrust their properties to the company. Fubon also won recognition from the Asia Insurance Forum and Celent, and won the innovation award of Asia Insurance Technology Award (AITA) in 2014.


Besides continuing with the current project, Fubon Insurance will expand its claim service to cover auto insurance damage prevention and education, and provide free lectures on road safety and insurance knowhow, creating a safer driving environment by dispersing correct information and inculcating safe driving attitudes among drivers to lower the accident rate. Fubon will also continue its innovation on digital technology, including Fubon Insurance APP, mobile claim APP, and instant message software M+, and provide the public smooth and speedy insurance purchasing/claim handling services. Fubon Insurance put greater care on customers’ demands and will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities.
Established in 1961, Fubon Insurance is the first privately-owned general insurance company in Taiwan. Our core values are honesty, friendliness, professionalism and innovation in offering an extensive line of products and services.