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Digital Campus 2015 – ASEAN Edition – Bridging Youths and Digital Innovations

Eduspec Holdings Berhad

We are not only bringing improvement to a customer or even a group of customers. We are bringing value and improvement in the quality of education as a whole.


On 23 September 2015, the second edition of Digital Campus (DC) was launched. Due to the warm response to the first DC held in Malaysia, the organisers decided to extend the privilege to Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore for the first time. The multi-tiered initiative is organised by Eduspec Holdings Berhad and Youth on Unity (Y.O.U.), and supported by CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Ministry of Education. DC 2015 is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that comprises a plethora of activities that stem from digital education, cyber safety and wellness, e-gaming, and workshops such as game creation for youths. This is where creativity, entertainment and education combine to charge youths’ minds with innovative ideas and problem-solving prowess. DC is a great way to develop the skills needed to succeed and more importantly, get ahead in the digital age. With DC, learning is a fun and great tool for teenagers to build a foundation in robotics, coding, and digital arts and animation.


EduPlay website ( is created by Eduspec to provide the latest news and event updates on DC. There were three core competitions conducted in DC 2015 – DC WeCode, DC International Robothon, and DC Digital Art and Animation. DC 2015, ASEAN edition, attracted a greater number of participants as the event consists of contests in coding, robotics, and digital art and animation spreading across three countries; Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Each contest was carefully crafted to bring out the most creative output in youths digitally. DC’s mission and singular passion is to empower youths to create and innovate with technology. The contests also aim to raise awareness of cyber safety and wellness. DC expanded to include ASEAN countries as Eduspec believes that all youths need to think digitally and be equipped with skills to better the world.


CyberSecurity Malaysia awarded Eduspec Holdings Berhad the Information Security Outreach Provider of the Year for 2015. The award was conferred on the company for exemplary commitment to playing an effective role in improving the understanding and importance of information security amongst citizens and businesses. DC 2015 also collaborated with Grom Social, a social network, created for kids under the age of 13 for DC Digital Art and Animation (DAAC) contest.

The DC WeCode Competition attracted more than 2,000 entries from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The contest aimed to promote cyber safety and wellness amongst the participants by having “Cyber Security” as the theme of the competition. Meanwhile, more than 5,000 students participated in DC DAAC, and more than 122 teams participated in DC International Robothon.


Moving forward, Eduspec will bridge youths and digital innovations through CSR programmes. Also importantly, there will be a highlight on cyber safety and wellness to students and parents. Eduspec recognizes the importance of CSR towards education and community development. Eduspec is bonded together by a strong belief that our corporate philosophy is to be a caring company that has resulted in initiatives in the following areas:

  • Equal Opportunity
    There is no discrimination against employees in terms of race, religion, gender or culture in Eduspec. The development and safety of Eduspec employees is a priority. Employees are provided with a safe and healthy environment with adequate medical benefits and insurance protection. Effective and continuous training are given to focus on employees’ development and advancement.
  • Sustainability
    Eduspec strives to constantly improve e-learning products through research and development (R&D) programs while using energy efficiency methods. This is what makes Eduspec unique. Eduspec continuously promotes awareness, understanding, and commitment to education institutions, while reducing wastage and contributing substantially towards helping our environment.
  • Service to Community
    Eduspec contributes to charitable causes and maintains support covering both corporate and employee involvement. Eduspec CSR programmes contribute to needy communities both through direct financial support and through the support of its partners and employees who participate in CSR activities. All programs will hold the same objective – to promote digital education, and cyber safety and wellness.
Eduspec is a K-12 IT education provider in Asia. The organization’s vision is to bridge the gap between the have and the have-nots in accessing quality education that involves the knowledge of education technologies. The vision is to provide skills needed for youths to qualify for jobs in the current and future industry.