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Care • Connect • Contribute by SPRG

Strategic Public Relations Group Limited (SPRG)

SPRG has lined up 17 community events and helped 1,230 individuals by distributing basic necessities and offering basic education and healthcare.


As a Caring Company recognised by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, SPRG strives to have a positive impact through its actions. Outside of the territory, its member offices are also encouraged to commit to CSR. In addition, Richard Tsang, founder and Chairman of SPRG, seeks to personally effect change by holding 50+ board, committee and advisory positions in various business, religious, education and non-governmental organisations.

To help the underprivileged, SPRG established Strategic CSR Network (SCSR), a registered not-for-profit organisation that serves as a platform for conducting charitable works on an ongoing basis. By leveraging SPRG’s existing business and social networks, SCSR aims at connecting and bringing corporations, NGOs and volunteers together to help people in need. Such a need is pressing given that with a Gini coefficient of over 0.5, income inequality is a serious problem in Hong Kong. To assist such individuals, it is clear that they need support from the community.


As the first and only NGO to be founded, fully funded and supported by a PR consultancy in Hong Kong, SCSR regularly organises and participates in community events through the help of reputable NGOs. These events include household visits, tutorials, home refurbishment, health talks, visiting and helping the homeless, and university tours for children.

Beneficiaries (the elderly, low-income families, the homeless, migrants living in reduced circumstances, disadvantaged ethnic minorities, the disabled and individuals suffering from long-term illness) with corresponding needs (material and emotional support) are identified via NGO partners, thereby ensuring the effective delivery of products and services. Consequently, the burden of NGOs has been gravely reduced through the coordination by SPRG, i.e. identifying and approaching donors, matching donated products with the needs of beneficiaries, and recruiting volunteers with different skills via open recruitment and its connection. SPRG also supports the entire logistics chain of an event, including collecting products from donors, delivering items to beneficiaries and coordinating relevant services.


Within seven months, the collective goals and actions have been sustained by repeated donations and participation of different partners, resulting in numerous milestones.
  • SPRG has lined up 17 community events and helped 1,230 individuals by distributing basic necessities and offering basic education and healthcare. Its efforts have attracted repeated donations and participation from partners and external parties, including in-kind donations valued at US$82,580 (principally from clients, partners and colleagues) and an aggregate of over 310 attendees who contributed over 890 service hours.
  • In seeking to address stakeholders’ concerns while helping society, SPRG has earned recognition and sustained backing from corporate donors and academic institutions. With greater exposure via social media and word of mouth, SPRG has also received community partnership invitations from various charities.
  • SPRG employs both traditional print media and social media to promote events and enlarge the pool of volunteers, which has garnered over 50 media impressions and Facebook reach of over 23,900.


SPRG has long been committed to fulfil a broad definition of CSR through the efforts of its member offices and has consequently assisted 11 charities, schools and institutions across Asia. Unlike the vast majority of corporations that specialise in only one particular target group or service, SPRG will maintain its commitment to helping society by continuing to support all types of community services and provide pro-bono services.

Also, SPRG will strengthen the SCSR platform and work with its benefactors and partners to make a difference. To increase its impact, SPRG will expand the breadth of services, develop new ties with corporations and NGO partners, encourage greater financial support from existing donors and broaden its network beyond existing SPRG clients. More public parties will be engaged as well so that a larger pool of volunteers and more resources are available to assist in its efforts.
SPRG is among the largest PR networks in Asia and the largest PR consultancy in Hong Kong. It is an integrated PR group and an investor relations and financial communications specialist, with 290 professionals working from its nine offices across Asia, providing clients with a comprehensive suite of world-class PR services.