CTBC Financial Holding Co. Ltd. – Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards

Wen Long Yen

Chairman, CTBC Financial Holding Co. Ltd.

The worst of times can actually create remarkable value. CSR means businesses should pursue sustainable development, rather than short-term profit, and committing to CSR will raise our image in the eyes of society.
Mr. Wen Long Yen is the current Chairman of CTBC Financial Holding Co. Ltd. As the Chairman, Mr. Yen is responsible for maintaining high standards of ethics, corporate governance and accountability in all aspects of the company’s business. He is also responsible for overseeing the company’s legal and regulatory statutory requirements and actively communicates the organization’s business goals to the staff, while ensuring that strict procedures are in place to safeguard assets.

Since 2011, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been a major part of the Chairman’s goals so as to maintain the highest standards of accountability in all aspects of the business. Under the leadership of Mr. Yen, CTBC established an inter-departmental CSR Taskforce Committee which coordinates all of CTBC’s internal units and ensures the overall implementation of CSR policies. The Board of Directors passed the CTBC Holdings CSR Code of Practice in 2012 which outlines our CSR policy and serves as a compass for both CTBC and its subsidiaries.

In 2013, we developed a comprehensive CSR policy drawing on our years of experience in implementing CSR and knowledge on international activities and trends. Over the years, our gradual approach to CSR implementation has enabled us to build a strong foundation towards becoming the best corporate citizen in the eyes of the public.

In the pursuit of a long-term sustainable business model, CTBC has always been committed to giving back to the community through corporate governance, customer care, employee care and development, sustainable environment and community involvement. Mr. Yen continues to engage the highest level of transparency and openness within the institution in the pursuit of building win-win relationships with our shareholders, customers, employees and the public. For those reasons, we have been continually recognized both domestically and internationally by our government and numerous institutions. In 2015, CTBC won 147 awards at home and abroad, which is a new record in the financial industry in Taiwan.

As Jeffrey Koo Sr., founder of CTBC Holdings, said, “the value of a business is not only about its ability to profit, but more importantly how it contributes and the positive influences it brings to society.” To uphold the philosophy, Mr. Wen Long Yen is known to be very active in supporting CTBC’s CSR program especially the ”Light Up A Life” project which is the first charity event held specifically for disadvantaged children in 1985 in Taiwan. All donations collected were given to social welfare groups to provide educational support to disadvantaged children and their families.

Accordingly, Mr. Yen is also actively promoting CTBC’s CSR spirit, successfully cultivating a culture of volunteerism in CTBC. To care for the society, Mr. Yen encourages collective involvement among the employees, with volunteer services being an integral part of CTBC’s corporate culture. At CTBC, on average one out of eight employee is a volunteer. As of the end of December 2015, CTBC has held 1,671 social events, recruiting 2,012 volunteers, benefitting 58,485 disadvantaged children.

On a personal level, Mr. Yen has personally donated NT$ 10 million to the “Memorial Professorship of Jeffrey L.S. Koo” in 2013, which invites Academicians of Academia Sinica and scholars of extraordinary achievements to conduct lectures to students.

CTBC is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Facing the next 50 years, it is CTBC’s goal to work harder to make Taiwan a better place. We will continue to uphold the spirit of our “caring, professional and trustworthy” brand while strengthening communications with our stakeholders and getting their feedbacks. As we move towards the century mark, CTBC will continue to upgrade its services. Corporate Social Responsibility will be an integral part of our plans as we aim to become the first green financial institution in Taiwan and a leader in Asia and the world.