China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited – Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards

Ms Sun Yiping

President, China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited

The first thing comes to my mind when I consider an issue is consumers’ needs. Oriented toward consumers and guided by the management philosophy highlighting people, system and culture, Mengniu continues to focus on nutrition and health, turn bits of gratefulness into a source of happiness and help make the world a better place.
She is the “orchestrator” of Mengniu, leading the company to the 11th place among the world’s dairy producers through globalization and digitalization. She is Ms. Sun Yiping, CEO of Mengniu, a rare woman in the dairy industry worldwide.

In April 2012, Sun was elected CEO of Mengniu. Since then, she has brought changes to Mengniu, refreshing the brand’s identity, enhancing channel penetration, restructuring the organization, optimizing product portfolio and solidifying infrastructure. Under her leadership, Mengniu established strategic partnerships with Arla Foods, Danone, AsureQuality, WhiteWave and other multinational companies, acquired Yashili, increased its share in Modern Dairy, and laid a solid foundation for future development.

As a female manager, she perfectly combines the role of a manager and that of a woman. She treasures her management team as a pearl, and her mission is to string the pearl beads up, so she is the right “string” that has ingeniously integrated the grace and flexibility of a woman into management.

She looks at corporate social responsibilities (CSR) as an extension of her own love and integrates CSR into corporate strategies, daily operations and management. As leader of Mengniu, she is often engaged in public welfare programs, like donations of resources and knowledge to children in poverty-stricken areas, so CSR, love and care have become part of Mengniu’s corporate culture.

Under her leadership, Mengniu has launched public-welfare initiatives in many fields. From “University of Ranchers” going deep into milk sources to “Milk Butler Academy” penetrating into terminal sales; from “College Student Nutrition and Innovation” focusing on product innovation to “AIDS Prevention on Campus” safeguarding social reserve forces; from “Anti-haze Campaign” protecting ecological environment with media and consumers to “Teaching in My Hometown” participating in rural education and to “Exchange of Calories for Gloves” caring for rural school children in poverty-stricken areas, Mengniu has made use of the sustainable ecosystem of the whole industry train and grouped social efforts to extend care and love to those in need. “University of Ranchers”
“Milk Butler Academy”
“College Student Nutrition and Innovation”
“AIDS Prevention on Campus”
“Anti-haze Campaign”
“Teaching in My Hometown”
“Exchange of Calories for Gloves”

Sun brings her grace to CSR practices. In May 2015, she went to Liulinhuang Mini-Primary School, in Enshi of Hubei Province and brought with her specially prepared lessons for the kids. It was her third such visit. She motivated “Teaching in My Hometown” program, which involved 90 celebrities, including 13 Olympic champions and 28 artists, and 108 industry partners, greatly benefiting more than 100,000 teachers and students at over 600 rural schools in 22 provinces and municipalities and actively contributing to rural education in poverty-stricken areas.

With continuous efforts of Ms. Sun Yiping and her team, Mengniu is working towards the objective of becoming a “warm” company through active fulfilment of corporate social and citizenship responsibilities, focusing on different social problems. Together, they stride forward towards the future of an international innovation-driven company with distinct Chinese vigor, motivated further by their mission of “devoting to nutrition and bringing drops of happiness to more people every moment in everyday”.