British American Tobacco Bangladesh – Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards

Shehzad Munim

Managing Director, British American Tobacco Bangladesh

I believe in building value for our consumers and shareholders. And I passionately believe that success and responsibility go together. So, being a partner in sustainable development of Bangladesh, my organisation is committed to playing the role of responsible corporate citizen and contributing to the economy with the idea of delivering today and investing for tomorrow.
Shehzad Munim is the first ever Bangladeshi Managing Director of British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB) in its 106 years’ history. He is a home-grown leader who made a significant journey of 19 years from a young trade marketer to a successful ‘Managing Director’. Shehzad believes that the business has a key role to play in helping society to achieve the sustainable balance of economic growth, environmental protection and social progress in ways that will build value for all stakeholders. Shehzad proved him a dynamic leader as he keeps BATB’s missions and visions aligned with BAT Group’s and Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of BATB with government’s national vision of 2020 which eventually complement United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. According to Shehzad’s vision, BATB will continue the CSR endeavours to facilitate the development of underprivileged communities as well as the climate change impact.

As a Managing Director, Shehzad ensured responsible entrepreneurship in terms of people, process and practices. Under his leadership, the Company addresses the significance of people who are either directly or indirectly related to the Company, ensures best practices following proper process & policies.

For the People, by the People
Shehzad as a responsible leader of BATB drives openness and enterprising spirit in the organisation while managing a diversified people portfolio to ensure crop to consumer business. He is also a strong sponsor of women friendly policies, training & development programmes, welfare activities to enable employees achieve greater capability & higher motivation.

Excellence in Compliance
As a member of the Board, Shehzad ensures proper policies & procedures are in place. The Board of Directors and also the Audit Committee guide the Company to ensure compliance. As a responsible entrepreneur, Shehzad drives a CSR Committee which is a sub-committee of the BATB Board. The purpose of this committee is to ensure management of the Company’s CSR initiatives that ensures business sustainability and creates positive impact amongst the stakeholders and shareholders as well as the society at large.

Sustainable Development Practices
Shehzad leads the Company securing excellent corporate practices such as best practices in terms of environment, health and safety (EHS), sustainable agricultural practices etc. On EHS context, the organisation ensures usage of personal protection equipment (PPE), effluent treatment plant (ETP), odour management system, energy saving mechanism etc. There are sustainable agricultural initiatives in leaf growing area such as using green manure to enhance soil fertility, establishing bio-diversity corners to maintain ecological balance etc. Moreover, BATB arranges trainings for farmers to educate them about the benefit of bio-fertilizer, proper irrigation system, benefit of non-chemical eco-friendly pesticides etc. CSR is another area where Shehzad puts higher focus.

CSR at BATB is more than just an obligation. The Company has three CSR programmes those are afforestation, safe drinking water and solar home system. Shehzad believes that CSR extends beyond the scope of social responsibility and into the horizon of creating value that will last. In contrast with philanthropy, where investments are made with unpredictable end results, here CSR activities are directed towards measurable goals of catalyzing sustainable transformation for society in terms of health, income and environmental aspects. In addition to building a better relationship with communities, the biggest return from BATB’s efforts is the impact that it creates at community levels, fostering healthier living conditions and thus expanding the scope of development at the core of our value chain.

His substantial partaking in CSR facilitated the organisation to reach many milestones. A number of times, the organisation was recognised across the boundaries for the CSR programmes. Till date through the afforestation programme, BATB distributed approximately 9 crore saplings free of cost to the beneficiaries which not only ensured environmental balance but also enabled people to achieve long term economic benefit. Another programme- safe drinking water provides arsenic free drinking water to 170,000 people every day. This assures better health condition of affected people and leaves healthy and active community in the long term pursuing economic development. Nearly 11,000 people in the off-grid hill tracts of Bangladesh got their first access to electricity due to BAT Bangladesh’s solar home system project. The access to power created multifold benefit to the communities in terms of increased opportunity of education and increased productivity.

Shehzad Munim graduated from the reputed Institute of Business Administration of University of Dhaka. Then, he joined British American Tobacco Bangladesh and performed exceptionally well in different challenging marketing roles within and outside the country as in New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan before he became the managing director of BAT Bangladesh.