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Women Empowering through Women

Prosperous Capital & Assurance Limited

“Women Empowering through Women”, the project of Prosperous Capital & Assurance Limited, engage community needs covering: Employment, Entrepreneurship, Education and Sports. In the long-term these efforts are aimed at not only creating opportunities but also establish a more well-rounded system of support involving other institutions to enrich women further and bring them a life of dignity and recognition.


Backed by 20 years of experience in the finance industry, Prosperous Capital & Assurance Limited embarked on a journey of women empowerment. The Company’s core competencies are founded on a threefold approach namely, Social Impact, Environmental Sustainability and Financial Returns. This Triple Bottom line value system has been put in place to ensure that sustainable development remains the primary goal across all endeavors. In their humanistic approach of reaching out to women through women to help them become viable beneficiaries of products and services, the company has extended its services to identify and iron out social issues prior to engaging their needs as customers.

Based on information gathered from women and their families, “Women Empowering through Women” tackles community needs covering Employment, Entrepreneurship, Education and Sports. In the long-term these efforts are aimed at not only creating opportunities but also establishing a more well-rounded system of support involving other institutions and organizations to enrich women and bring them a life of dignity and recognition.


The Company has invested big in the “Women Empowering through Women” program covering employment, education, sports and entrepreneurship development. PCA believes in equal opportunities where women are employed in main operational levels in all its branches. In education, “Denuma” scholarships and seminars for grade 5, Ordinary Level and Advanced Level students are provided for children of women customers to continue their education. Selected individuals demonstrating a high level of sporting capability are provided good nutrition, and facilities such as transportation, clothes and training opportunities where they can develop their athletic prowess and gain recognition. Under Entrepreneurship, training is provided to encourage self-employment and small and medium enterprises through the provision of literature, training programs, market awareness, innovative technology and market exposure to create viable and sustainable means of income generation.

The “Women Empowering through Women” program focuses solely on women’s needs with no intention of commercial gains and no brand ambassadors or publicity campaigns and is established in the interest of women empowerment.


Since its inception in 2015, “Women Empowering through Women” has created employment opportunities for over 60% of females in operation and provided facilities to 10,000 women in the rural areas throughout the country. In education, scholarships were given out to 100 Grade 5 students, 80 Ordinary Level students and 50 Advanced Level students. Under sports, 4 talented women were identified and given Rs10,000 per month in sponsorship and Rs 3000 per month covering coaching fees. Female athlete Nimali Liyanarachchi won the gold medal for the 800m track event at the South Asian Games, 2016 and went on to receive the Sports Woman of the Year Presidential Award 2016 and female athlete Gayanthika Abeyrathne won silver medals for the 800m and 1500m track events at the South Asian games, 2016. The “Women Empowering through Women” entrepreneurship drive included training programs for 300 women entrepreneurs seeking self-employment opportunities. These women are exposed to new markets and technologies resulting in revenue generation and job creation in their communities.


PCA looks to continue and expand its scholarship programs to support higher education in the country and develop human resource capital in the country. The sports initiatives aim to bring recognition to high achieving athletes and draw attention of relevant bodies, private institutions and organizations that can collectively contribute to the cause and bring recognition to the country. PCA will continue its efforts to empower athletes to reach Olympic standards. PCA will continue its focus on women entrepreneur development with greater emphasis on innovation, technology and market linkages to empower potential entrepreneurs in the rural regions so that they can become major contributors to the country’s economy in the long run.

Overall, “Women Empowering through Women” program endeavors to create a culture of CSR and hopes to draw more support from governing bodies, relevant institutions and private organizations to make CSR a collective and fruitful effort. PCA takes pride in creating responsible and capable citizens.
Prosperous Capital & Assurance Limited (PCA) was established in October 2013 in Colombo as a fully-fledged Micro Finance Company that offers holistic services through products such as Micro Finance Loans, Micro SME Loans, Micro Hire Purchase and Islamic Micro Finance in regions where communities have minimum access to financial services. The company adopts a unique hands-on approach, reaching out to remote communities through 11 branches across the island to set in motion an engine of change, believing that prosperity can create a ripple effect.