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Tuk Kai program for new employee

Apex Circuit (Thailand) Co., Ltd

All employee of Apex was not just only working together, but also was more like a big family taking care each other from the bottom of their heart


Apex would like to achieve its goal that brings benefits to its shareholders, management and employee, customers and suppliers. As a manufacturer with more than 5,000 employees working at two factories, turnover rate of Apex is an important issue for increasing the profit of company, because high turnover rate will lead to much more invisible cost for operation such as lowing production yield rate and spending much time to look for new employee, and increasing much training cost. According to Apex’s statistics, nearly 50% of resignation is from employees who only join Apex within 3 months. Therefore, Apex pays attention on how to reduce turnover rate, and try to maintain it as low as possible. Apex realizes that new employees on board within three month are easy to give up. So, “Tuk Kai” program was created by Apex since year 2013 to take care the new employee.


Apex believes that the payroll is not the only reason for resignation. What Apex believes is to keep employees feeling happy at work. In fact, employees who care salary much more than honor on job will not be candidate for the company. For new employee, new environment make them feel insecure, and fear facing problem they can’t handle at new work. So, they are not willing to ask question and even dare not ask question. Those problems above cause them feel lonely while they try to devote themselves to their new career. Tuk Kai program was designed to deal with these worries for new employees, help them to build up the teamwork that can cooperate with others, help them to make more friends in company and interact with their supervisors. Eventually, Tuk Kai makes them to understand and agree the culture of company, “Good to Apex, Good to You”.


Of course, Tuk Kai is just one of many programs that Apex HR department created to enhance good relationship among all employees. Other programs including “We are family” project, “Employee’s walking street” project, HBD project , “Friends for Friends” project, etc. All the projects Apex had done, it lead to Apex’s average turnover rate is lower than official ratios, for instance, Apex were 3.9%, 3.6%, 3.9%, 4.2% respectively in 2011-2015, and official ratios were 12.5%, 12.8%, 15.0%, 14.0% respectively in 2011-2015.

In 2015, a cleaner who served in Apex about 11 years, suffered ovarian cysts. The medical treatment was a big burden for her. Apex held a bazaar for the cleaner and collected more than 130k baht for medical treatment expenditure. This case shows that all employee of Apex was not just only working together, but also was more like a big family taking care each other from the bottom of their heart.


Apex always tries best to make good profit for stakeholders. From CSR aspect, as a PCB manufacturer, Apex hires more than 5,000 employees, huge volume of water consuming and electricity resource. After identifying which item Apex should connect with its major business operation, in the first stage, Apex is going to emphasize on labor right protection, investing in energy saving project, waste water recycle-use project, greenhouse gas emission and carbon footprint investigation, etc. In order to make the better place on earth, Apex’s target is to disclose the information above on certified CSR annual report for stakeholders, and wish these non-financial information could encourage more people to concern CSR topic.

Good to Earth, Good to You.
Apex Circuit(Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer focus on 2 to 10 layers rigid PCB(printed circuit board) production since year 2001, ranked as 2nd high revenue rigid PCB manufacturer in Thailand, and its product was sell to Japan, Korea, Europe and USA international-brand customers.