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Join Our Dream House

SENA Development Public Company Limited

To date, the programme has raised more than 120 million baht for 3 state hospitals and other programmes, the latest being a 40 million baht donation to the Ramathibodi Hospital to help impoverished children with congenial heart disease.


Join Our Dream House is arguably Thailand’s, if not the world’s, first property project that was created with the sole purpose of raising every baht for charities, specifically hospitals and medical research. The overall goal is to raise the quality of Thailand’s health care with continuous donations for health and medical programmes through key state hospitals. This project was also intended to be SENA’s main source of funding for the company to carry out programmes to help the people.

Join Our Dream House, known in Thai as Baan Ruam Tang Fun project, was founded in 2006 by Dr. Kessara Thanyalakpark, SENA Development PCL’s current leader, and her father, Mr. Theerawat Thanyalakpark, the company’s founder. Kessara said the idea of this project sprang from her father’s bed side when she was visiting him every day for ten months while receiving medical treatment at Siriraj State Hospital. While experiencing first-hand the needs of medical caretakers and patients, father and daughter discussed and formulated the sole charity business model that would ensure the company’s ability to fund charity programmes under whatever economic situations.


The charity business model is very simple. Instead of setting aside a specific budget for the company’s charity programmes, the project itself is the provider of funds. Join Our Dream House is financially managed like a tight ship, with a unique business model that separates its own revenue and profit from the mother company. The only shared resources are the executive man hours and their expertise in building houses, which are considered SENA’s main donation to the programme. In this manner, the company can always donate. Basically, they simply have to continue building Join Our Dream Houses!

This unique property development project was created as a separate entity with all profits predetermined as charity funds. The properties are marketed and promoted in the same manner as the rest of the properties, only the profits are not going to SENA, but to the Baan Ruam Tang Fun Foundation, where the money is distributed to selected programmes which meet the donation criteria.


So far, three financially successful projects have been sold out and a fourth and fifth are in the planning stage. To date, the programme has raised more than 120 million baht for 3 state hospitals and other programmes, the latest being a 40 million baht donation to the Ramathibodi Hospital to help impoverished children with congenial heart disease. The programme has now been expanded to aid the Foundation for Support and Development of Disabled Persons Thailand for the construction of a training and rehabilitation centre for the handicapped. The list of beneficiaries will be expanded further as those in need of funds for medical services and facilities are ever growing and Sena Development believes in ‘doing what we can’. Asked what is it that she is most proud of, Kessara would answer in her usual modest tone. “If you sit with the mother of a girl with a life-threatening heart condition who received a life-changing operation, you would understand how I feel.”


Being a company listed on the stock market and business activities that do not generate profits to its shareholders, initially it was not an easy charity model to justify and took a lot of perseverance to sustain. But Kessara was adamant to keep her father’s legacy flourishing. Today, proven by the successful donations and grateful recipients, there are no more doubts, only appreciations and greater collaborations to help bring new projects to success.

Apart from raising the standard of health care for the community, the vision of the project is to create a viable model for the charity business for other corporations to follow.
SENA Development Public Company Limited was found by Mr. Theerawat Thanyalakpark, the Chief Executive Officer. With over 30 years of the real estate development to be the expert on the property development offering more than 150 quality projects through the company’s philosophy “The Customers’ trust is our pride”, the company has conceptually complied and constantly cared all residents of overall projects delivered and return benefits to the social, the real estate development projects were done under the name “Join Our Dream House”. Such residence project was created for social responsibility project and managed by Dr. Kessara Thanyalakpark, Vice President and Join Our Dream House Foundation Committee.