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Tailored Nutrition for Age

FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Ltd

OPTIMEL Tailored Nutrition for Age health promotion campaign conducted over hundred health tours to provide nutrition consultations and health tests and to promote graceful and healthy aging of local senior community.


FrieslandCampina Hong Kong (FCHK) and our brand OPTIMEL are committed to promote the concept of healthy aging. Hong Kong is one of the most rapidly-aging cities in Asia. With this, the number of people suffering from chronic diseases is expected to increase, putting an increasing burden on the local healthcare system. In addition, a local survey found that the adult population in Hong Kong is deficient in six important nutrients that can reduce the risks of chronic diseases, and affect mobility and heart and cognitive health.

FrieslandCampina and OPTIMEL, the first age-specific adult dairy formula, know the importance of providing nutritious dairy products that address the progressive health and nutrition needs for adults and senior citizens of different ages. To promote graceful and healthy aging of the community, the company launched the Tailored Nutrition for Age campaign.


Tailored Nutrition for Age is an integrated health promotion campaign aimed at raising public awareness on healthy aging, educating the public on the importance of nutrition for physical mobility, heart health and cognitive health, equipping and empowering the adult and senior population to enjoy healthy aging through the development of healthy lifestyles by choosing wisely on a nutritious diet, dairy intake habit, and regular exercise.

To realize our goals the company works closely with its professional stakeholders to set the foundation for the campaign. The support of the Hong Kong Nutrition Association in conducting the Hong Kong Mid-aged and Senior Population Nutrition Survey provided a better understanding on the nutrition intake pattern of Hong Kong’s adult and senior population. The company also works closely with the Hong Kong Geriatrics Society, the Hong Kong College of Gerontology Nursing and the Hong Kong Nutrition Association to host the HCP symposium for local HCP such as General Practitioners, Geriatrics specialists, dietitians and nurses which led to the introduction of a new healthcare concept of Tailored Nutrition for Age. In addition to these, FrieslandCampina also partners with the Fitness Specialist Centre for Nutritional Studies and worked with the Faculty of Medicine of Chinese University of Hong Kong to develop a series of posture exercises for adults and the senior population to strengthen their bones, muscles, joints and heart.

Beyond HCP engagement, the campaign also provides professional recommendations, accessible nutrition and physical health knowledge to the community. The company has worked closely with the media and non-profit organizations to expand its outreach through health tours and online self-assessment tools.


FCHK’s healthcare concept of Tailored Nutrition for Age has been introduced to over 1,000 healthcare professionals with information materials available in over 130 clinics.

Supported by the VNS Nutrition and Health Centre, the program provided consultations on nutrition and health tests to over 30,000 adults and senior citizens at 126 health tours in 70 locations across Hong Kong and 200 citizens in 6 NPO elderly centers.

Provision of health information and self-assessment online recorded over 400,000 page views, reflecting the success of the campaign’s consumer outreach strategy that combines both online and offline channels.


The Tailored Nutrition for Age campaign marks the launch of our continuous efforts in fostering health among the adult and senior community in Hong Kong. We will expand the campaign in 2016 to include health road shows in the city and NPO centers to maximize the outreach to the local communities.
FrieslandCampina is one of the world’s largest dairy companies. We are firmly committed to nourishing the world’s population based on over 140 years of expertise in the field. Together with our brand OPTIMEL, we support the health of the community by providing progressive health benefits on mobility, heart health and cognitive health designed for adults in different age groups of 40s, 50s and 60s onwards.