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TAIPEI 101 as The New Paradigm for High Rise Green Buildings

Taipei Financial Center Corporation

TAIPEI 101 Tower is the tallest green building certified by LEED in the world. The LEED platinum green building certification has influenced other buildings to manage high environmental standards as TAIPEI 101 has done so.


Executive summary of the project
With high expectations “to change a city, to grow together with the earth, and to define a new paradigm of tallest green skyscraper in the world,” TAIPEI 101 not only conforms to the highest environmental standards but also exert the greatest impact on organizations and individuals to give more attention to environmental issues and to introduce sustainable effective environmental management.

The Goal, mission and background of the project Mission
  • Focus on Biodiversity for Flourishing Taiwan
  • Pioneer in Green Education
  • Supporting Green Energy/ Green Purchasing

In 2011, TAIPEI 101 acquired the platinum LEED certification in the existing buildings category and was officially ranked as the world’s tallest green building and the largest building mass with LEED platinum certification, which set off a surge of green buildings in Asia. Encouraged by these achievements, TAIPEI 101 initiated another wave of efforts involving human resources and funding for LEED v4 upgrading certification in 2015. Through this program, TAIPEI 101 is determined to influence society and lead the global green building tide, and targets ultrahigh buildings to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and contribute to efforts to overcome global warming.


Moving forward, TAIPEI 101 has entered an agreement with Taipower, the first in Taiwan, for “air conditioning system auto requirements response cooperation (ACSARC)” and procuring 1.01 million kWh green power to support Taipower’s “renewable energy development fund” aimed at supporting the green energy concept. They’ve also Installed smart digital water meters for 100% rainwater recycle to save water equivalent up to the consumption of 140 families of four in Taiwan each year. Taipei 101 also adopted “Nature Valley” low-altitude natural habitat to protect the forests of Taiwan.

TAIPEI 101 took innovative approaches to initiate Green Tours and held environmental seminars to educate the general public on environmental awareness with its unique landmark role. With an average of 1000 free tours through the building, TAIPEI 101 is helping the public in learning to use environmentally friendly equipment and adopt environmental initiatives taken by TAIPEI 101.

Unique innovation in extending use of resources. TAIPEI 101 is a pioneer in converting obsolete steel cables from the world’s fastest elevator after reaching its designated life cycle, into environmental art pieces by local artists. The discarded cables are not only transformed into valuable art pieces but also enhances local artist’s talents, boosting ideas on environmental protection and resource regeneration.


Outcome of energy saving and carbon reduction by Taipei 101 from initiating LEED certification in 2007 to being certified as the world tallest green building in 2011: Power saving: Compared with year 2007, TAIPEI 101 rented 50 thousand square meters more spaces as of December 2015 with occupancy rate reaching 95.27% yet power consumption was down 9.4 million kWh which equals to the deduction of CO2 emission by 4888 tons. Garbage recycling: Over all recycling rate hits an astonishing 71%. Water resource recycling: The rainwater collection system now recycles 100% of precipitation in TAIPEI 101. The amount of water collected reaches up to 50 thousand tons in a year, which can cater to the needs of 140 families of four in a year. Green procurement: Green purchasing is fully adopted by TAIPEI 101 with values up to TWD 50.9 million (or USD 1.53 million) in 2015.


Even with the mushrooming of skyscrapers in the world TAIPEI 101 remains a key green landmark in Asia with its continuous efforts towards environmental protection. Taipei 101 is committed to being the new paradigm for ultra-high green buildings in terms of environmental protection, Leading the trend in Energy Saving/ Carbon Reduction, Pioneer of Green Power and Expanding Green Purchasing and Building an Ecosphere.
TAIPEI 101-- is a landmark high-rise building in Taipei, Taiwan. It was officially classified as the world’s tallest building in 2004. In 2011, the building was awarded the LEED platinum certification and became the tallest and largest green building in the world. It features diversified business functions including a shopping mall, offices and an observatory deck.