Hair O’right International Corporation – Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards

The Greenest Shampoo From Taiwan

Hair O’right International Corporation

O’right is one of the very few hair care manufacturers established in Taiwan that engages in green research and development, eco-friendly design, green processing, green supply chain, and creative marketing.


As the leading green hair care brand in Taiwan, Hair O’right International Corporation is home to Asia’s first GMP certified green cosmetics plant, which is certified ISO 9001, ISO 22716, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, Water Footprint, Carbon Footprint, Carbon Neutral Certification, C2C, Building Carbon Footprint Certification, Green Factory. O’right’s product manufacturing relies on 100% clean energies using solar and wind power, along with water recycling systems.

O’right’s team spent 2 years developing, designing, and manufacturing the innovative, eco-friendly “Tree in the Bottle” shampoo, creating bottles from biodegradable materials such as fruit and vegetable starch. Placed inside the bottle are Taiwanese acacia seeds, which can grow into a tree when buried in soil under suitable environment and produce oxygen for the planet. In 2014, O’right meticulously created a formula containing coffee oils extracted from used coffee grounds and designed a biodegradable natural coffee-colored bottle made from coffee grounds and PLA with Taiwanese coffee seeds at the bottom that can grow into a tree when buried in soil. We aim to reduce wastes and make good use of the earth’s resources, fully achieving Cradle to Cradle certification and creating sustainable value for the earth.


O’right uses wind and solar power to generate electricity for production. This green energy has to be sold back to the grid at Taiwan Power Company before it can be used by O’right. In 2014, we sold 48,632 units of electricity (generated from solar power only) to the power company and 133,129 units since the establishment of its headquarters. O’right achieved the ISO50001 energy management system certification for our green energy. For the past years, we have consistently exerted great efforts to implement corporate social responsibility (CSR). From designing and producing green hair care products to encouraging customers to create authentic green salons, continuing our cooperative relationship with the National Taiwan University’s Experimental Forest, planting trees, to holding Earth Hour events with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) for 6 years in a row, O’right never ceases to urge everyone to reduce carbon emissions and love the earth. Also, for the fourth time, we participated in the annual coastal cleanup event. Each year we announce the accumulated carbon reduction outcome since the establishment of the green cosmetics plant. As of September 2015, our efforts have led to carbon emissions being reduced by more than 670,000 kg, which is equivalent to planting over 61,000 20-year-old trees. Although these numbers equal the global carbon footprint accumulated due to human activities each day, making carbon reduction a seemingly useless attempt, our goal is to continue to work hard and make more people understand that only by changing can one make an impact.


As countries across the globe submitted their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) for the Paris Climate Conference (COP21), as a green enterprise, O’right will continue to adopt a green approach in our formulas, packaging, and manufacturing process. From architectural concrete walls, solar panels, wind turbines, mechanical foot pedal faucets, indoor air quality monitoring system, LED lighting, to water-saving installations, our Green Headquarters is green from the inside out, being the first in Taiwan to achieve the Diamond-level Building Carbon Footprint Certification.


We have always strived to incorporate the concept of a Natural, Pure and Eco-friendly approach by increasing the percentage of natural ingredients in our products. In order to upgrade our green formula and develop botanical ingredients, we have invested in a machine for supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) to obtain active ingredients from agricultural products. With advanced plant extraction technology and local agricultural ingredients, our team is devoted to developing sustainable products that are good for the people and for the earth. O’right’s products are sold in 34 countries worldwide. Therefore, the company hopes to extend this green philosophy to the international market. Surveys completed by distributors show that many of our customers have already begun following our green footsteps. O’right’s innovative green management strategies are widely praised by government units, educational and academic institutions, organizations, and companies. O’right’s innovative green management strategies are widely praised by government units, educational and academic institutions, organizations, and companies. So far 10,000 copies of “It’s O’right Quarterly” have been given to 7,000 hair salons nationwide, with an estimated 3.5 million readers based on an average of 500 customers per month. Aiming to create a bigger influence, It’s O’right Quarterly is available in Chinese and English versions for digital download on O’right’s official website.
Green hair care brand O’right provides not only hair care products, but also conveys local Taiwanese green culture and green lifestyle as the link between life and the land we live on. Inspired by nature, O’right creates a green lifestyle with endless possibilities, demonstrating our love for the environment and portraying O’right’s philosophy as a green brand.