The Library Project

WNS Cares Foundation

From January 2011 till date, WCF has reached out to 84,215 beneficiaries and 174 schools, with 27,666 volunteering hours accumulated


WNS Cares Foundation (WCF) Learning Center is a unique innovation which provides strategic programs to underprivileged children in schools. These programs include computer centers, libraries, remedial education, personality development workshops and etc. The programs are determined based on the specific requirements of the children as they progress through their school years.

These programs are administered by WNS Volunteers who take the time out of their regular working hours to ensure that these children go on to build a more fulfilling career and life. On an average day when the school is functioning, there is at least a few WNS volunteers administering a strategic program to the children at any one of the schools where WCF Learning Center is setup.


WCF’s mission is to Educate: Empower: Enrich. It works on a simple equation: 11 = E3 which means that Each one of us has the power to Educate: Empower: Enrich.

WCF has created a wonderful model of Employee Volunteering which provides a window to people to contribute to a social cause during working hours. We term it as Active Volunteering. This underlines the commitment of the organization starting from the Group CEO, Keshav R Murugesh towards creating a profound impact on the education of the underprivileged children across the globe.


The Learning Center forms the fulcrum of a range of strategic programs which aim at the holistic development of a child. The Learning Center enables WCF to conduct age-appropriate and locally relevant programs for underprivileged children. It requires minimum financial support since most of the programs are administered by WNS Volunteers.

These programs are tailor-made to address specific needs of the children based on the year of schooling they are in such as book reading for class 1-5th, remedial education and career counseling for class 8-10th. To date WCF Learning Centers have impacted 84,215 children through 35 Learning Centers across 174 Schools. WNS employees have contributed 27,666 hours in volunteering efforts.


WCF aims to setup maximum Learning Centers at each location where WNS is present. WCF is constantly engaging with the community and children to understand their needs. We aim to improve the programs and increase the number of targeted interventions to cover the entire life cycle of a student from elementary level to vocational training. This support will help the children to develop into all-round persons and also enable them to gain a fulfilling employment.
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