Harnessing Energy Literacy for Planet EARTH (HELP Earth)

Trans-Asia Oil And Energy Development Corporation

As of year-end 2014, Trans-Asia has expanded its reach by establishing HELP Earth Multimedia Corners in 29 schools, helping around 350 teachers and over 9,000 students across 7 provinces in the Philippines


Trans-Asia believes that sustainability starts by placing education and empowerment at the very core of the HELP Earth Program. Thus, energy literacy has been one of the major thrusts of Trans-Asia’s CSR. HELP Earth was launched on September 8, 2009 in celebration of Trans-Asia’s 40th anniversary. It started with 3 schools in Norzagaray, Bulacan, PHL in its advocacy on efficient energy use and environmental protection. The following years, HELP Earth evolved into a more comprehensive program. From energy literacy, the program expanded to youth empowerment and leadership development with more focus on sustainable approaches. Trans-Asia’s beliefs have been anchored on mantra of our parent company, PHINMA that “Life Can Be Better.”


There are 3 levels of engagement for HELP Earth, with each level targeting a specific competency to systematically embed awareness and values to students. The program starts with education support as the entry-level engagement to its partner schools. By providing education materials and upgrading competencies of teachers, HELP Earth hopes to jumpstart values formation and consciousness of students on energy resources and environment. The foundation is further strengthened through Juan Matipid Projects. Juan Matipid is Trans-Asia’s energy hero that embodies values of thriftiness and love for environment. Interactive exhibits and awareness campaigns are organized to provide fun and interactive learning experience for students. Ultimately, the end-goal of HELP Earth is to make students self-reliant by sustaining their own initiatives in their community. HELP Earth Savers Club has been established by Trans-Asia in active partner schools to create venue for knowledge-sharing, social empowerment and leadership development. Trans-Asia believes that empowering the youth, our tomorrow’s leaders, is the key to a better future.


As of year-end 2014, Trans-Asia has expanded its reach by establishing HELP Earth Multimedia Corners in 29 schools, helping around 350 teachers and over 9,000 students across 7 provinces in the Philippines. Hamon ni Juan Matipid (Juan Matipid’s Challenge) Interactive Exhibit, one of HELP Earth’s most anticipated event, was also able to serve 1,564 students coming from barrio schools that do not have access to museums and interactive learning centers.

A major milestone was achieved in 2014 as HELP Earth Savers Clubs from 9 schools launched PATHS (Positive Actions Through HELP Earth Savers). PATHS Project is Trans-Asia’s catalyst to mobilize the youth in facilitating change in their own schools and communities through initiatives for energy and environment. The project not only involved the club members but had a trickle-down effect as parents and community leaders also participated in the student-driven project on recycling, energy conservation and start-up livelihoods.


Trans-Asia is strongly committed to empower the youth and develop active leaders that can facilitate positive change in the world. As part of Trans-Asia’s dedication to enhance awareness, HELP Earth is in the process of developing localized, appropriate and comprehensible learning resources for Filipino students. HELP Earth is also continuously engaging teachers to contribute to developing new materials relevant to their culture and needs. HELP Earth will continue to assist and mobilize HELP Earth Savers to create new paths and trailblaze their own initiatives for energy and the environment in their own community. Coming from a highly successful engagement in 2014, HELP Earth will provide more support for PATHS in the future, focusing on technical-knowledge building and leadership development. Trans-Asia will remain steadfast in investing in the youth’s potential to make life better for Filipinos.
Trans-Asia is an integrated energy company known as pioneers and experts in the fields of resource development, power generation and electricity supply. It has built a reputation of being the preferred supplier of local electric cooperatives and a trusted business partner by providing reliable electricity services to its customers and host communities.