Building a Nation through Quality Education

Toshiba Information Equipment (Phils.), Inc.

TIP has supported the education of the Filipino youth by building and improving school infrastructures, provision of learning materials, integration of value-based based content, and scholarship program


Toshiba Information Equipment (Phils.), Inc. (TIP) believes that education is an important tool to empower people achieve improved quality of life. However, part of the reality being faced is the insufficiency of educational resources and facilities in large parts of the country as well as the lack of opportunities for students to go to school in the amount their family can afford.

Since 2008, TIP has provided support to the education of the Filipino children and the youth through various CSR projects that focus on building and improving school-based infrastructure, provision of learning and multi-media materials, integration of values-based content, and scholarship program. All these initiatives are aimed at promoting quality education necessary in achieving a better and brighter future for Filipinos.


By providing the necessary educational assistance in economically disadvantaged communities, TIP empowers the youth to develop their full potential. With quality education as the means, they can eventually lead the Philippine society towards progressive development. Capacity building includes skills development providing TIP with valuable skilled human resources it needs. This gives opportunity for future employment and help uplift their families and communities which in the long run contributes to nation building.

For many years, TIP relied on the establishment of partnerships and good relationships with various stakeholders to achieve success. Furthermore, with thorough planning, efficient program collaboration with the education sector, in particular with the Department of Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Local Parishes and Local Government Units (LGUs), TIP is able to smoothly implement and deploy the projects. In addition, strong management support and employee volunteerism have also been keys in related CSR achievements.


To date, TIP has accomplished the following:

Supported the construction and renovation of 4 classrooms in the calamity-affected communities of Samar, Panay, Iloilo and Bohol, donated reference and textbook materials for the past 7 years benefitting around 15,000 pre-school students, sponsored the renovation of all 27 public elementary school libraries in Binan, Laguna, Bohol and Davao since 2008 benefitting more than 28,000 students, granted Multimedia sets to 57 public elementary schools in Binan, Sta. Rosa and Calamba, for almost 90,000 students, integrated values-based content to curriculum through the Mottainai Education Program in Binan, Laguna and Island Garden City of Samal teaching students the value of caring for our resources (i.e. environment), awarded Toshiba scholarships to 84 students giving opportunities to diligent and deserving youth in low-income areas and underserved communities attain higher education (49 of them are now regular employees of the company), and partnered with other organizations to promote technological literacy by donating 400 laptops to 44 Public High Schools through the Gearing Up Internet Literacy and Access to students (GILAS Project) and 853 laptops to elementary schools in Laguna through the Text2teach program.


The need for better education services, facilities and opportunities will always be part of community development. Amidst the sustainability challenges, certain good practices such as the strengthening of Industry-Academe partnership has been taken into account as good factor why these projects are likely to continue in the coming years. To maintain the notable CSR projects on Education, midterm and long term plans are set to ensure implementation and monitoring of results. Regular orientations, forums, and open discussions have been conducted to encourage stakeholders to actively participate in these educational programs. TIP believes that for as long it capitalizes on its strengths and corporate values, it can provide the assistance to communities in most need. Building a sustainable society by equipping its people with quality education is TIP’s driving force to continuously live out its corporate philosophy of being Committed to People and to the Future.
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