Shell Thailand CNS Terminal Fire Water Pipeline Replacement Project

The Shell Company of Thailand Limited

Shell is proud of the project’s many achievements, most of all that the local community feels at ease and appreciates that Shell has installed new firefighting water supply pipelines


In 2003, a major fire broke out in the community adjacent to Shell’s CNS terminal, which caused damage to more than 50 households and affected many residents. Shell was quick to react and played a significant role in helping the community rebuild by initiating a social empowerment project that focused on ensuring the community was protected against future fire risks. For the past decade, Shell has supported residents through installation of firefighting water supply pipelines, firefighting equipment organization and management, preliminary firefighting training, and annual firefighting drills with the terminal staff. In 2014, new firefighting water supply pipelines and new facilities such as fixed fire-fighting monitors were installed to replace the old systems. These activities are aimed at creating a lasting and sustainable impact for this community as well as Shell’s Chong Nonsi terminal as Shell’s largest terminal in Thailand. The project has been met with strong, positive support from the local community and there have not been any major fire incidents in the local community for the past decade.


Shell and the local community faced a number of challenges to ensure the ongoing repair and maintenance of the firefighting water supply pipelines. To ensure the project stays on track and up-to-date, CNS staff and the community representatives first conducted join site visits in order to plan for the pipeline construction routes and additional needs including fire extinguishers and fire hydrant installations. During the project construction planning and development, community representatives gathered to discuss and vote for the upcoming project to ensure support for the aim and purpose as well as to share any recommendations and complaints. Prior to implementing the replacement project, Shell’s CNS team revisited the community to listen to any comments and worries in order to minimize any negative affects during the installation. The project was deemed successful following a co-inspection by both parties before officially transferring the infrastructure to the community’s property.

The Shell Company of Thailand Limited has a commitment “to experience pride in helping everyone we touch, turn tough challenges into new possibilities, quickly”. The company believes that by helping the community through this project, it can help improve their ability to protect themselves and continue to raise the safety standards of the community, which in turn highlights the commitment to thier HSSE and SP’s policies.


Shell is proud of the project’s many achievements, most of all that the local community feels at ease and appreciates that Shell has installed new firefighting water supply pipelines. During a minor fire incident during New Year’s Day of 2015, the local community was able to contain the potential fire damage to a minimum. In addition, the local community takes much pride having the knowledge that this was one of the first projects of its kind for Shell in Thailand. They are proud and confident to be a part of this community and grateful to have Shell on their side.

The government agencies who partnered with us in the training were impressed and expressed high praise for the annual fire-fighting drill which also helps to sustain and further improve the relationship between Shell’s CNS terminal and the community. Shell is confident this project is an ideal example that complies with their Safety First and Sustainable development commitment.


Shell is committed to providing ongoing support to the community surrounding the CNS Terminal, including routine inspections of the fire-fighting water supply pipelines and other facilities as well as routine drills and training programs. Additionally, Shell always supports any new projects that have the potential to enhance the community’s safety, health and future sustainability.
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