Thai Good Stories

Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited

The contents co-created with the consumers from the idea platform generated over 733,499 engagements. Thai Life Insurance did not just inspire people, but inspired the news to spread their ‘value of life’ further


Back in the day, Thais used to take care of each other and extended courtesy of kindness. Nowadays, Thais have become more materialistic and self-focused, focusing on wealth and social status as their main priority in life. Thai Life Insurance intended to reinforce the brand belief; ‘Value of Life’. It is about how good you are, how you value others, how you care for others that is the real value of life. Its mission is to ‘Champion goodness in every Thai’s lives’. The task was delivered by the Thai Good Stories campaign, with the brand championing the goodness in society. This is done by consistently co-creating emotional contents and connections with the brand and positively inspiring a better community for a better world. This campaign made Thai Life Insurance become Thai’s life partner, a brand consumers can truly trust for wanting the best for them by championing goodness in society every day until discrimination is reduced.


The company launched an innovative social platform: “Thai Good Stories; Good stories happen every day,” inspiring people to see more to life than superficial things. Co-creating contents and making everyday conversations with consumer, true stories of ‘value of life’ was sent in and turned into viral clips for everyone to share and inspire others to see the value of every life. In Thailand, insurance is more about branding, a brand they trust. Thai Life wanted everyone to see the brand as someone who sees the ‘value of every life’, even the disadvantage i.e. connecting to people by inspiring them to have the same value as the brand.

The project is conducted through an innovative channel for the insurance industry ‘online idea platform’ that becomes the center of inspiration, co creating contents with consumers. It is a never-ending process that shows that the brand talks to consumers every day for 365 days.


The contents co-created with the consumers from the idea platform generated over 733,499 engagements. This is an ongoing process where good stories are still shared every day. The viral clips have gotten over 8.3 million views on YouTube with over 63,107,989 impressions. Websites and the media publicized and shared the viral clips which have amounted to USD 6,009,171.62. Thai Life Insurance did not just inspire people, but inspired the news to spread their ‘value of life’ further.

Contribution cannot be measured in numbers but the impact generated to the mindset leading to the change of heart is the real solution i.e. people being inspired and sharing their stories. The campaign is planned to stay as long as discrimination exists co-creating good stories with consumers to impact people 365 days a year.


Thai Life’s Insurance plans to continue having everyday conversations with people, giving them materials that inspire them so they could forward and share to others is worth more than any money can buy; it creates an endless network of inspiration. This is through using an online platform which has endless limitations to reach everyone, anywhere at any time. With the subject of goodness, Thai Life Insurance believe there is always good in society and good in every human, the topic that is timeless and is within every human being. Its direction is to show people to see that every life has value, something that once understood cannot be unlearned and it plans to internally inspire employees and sales to do and share good stories via Thai good stories. Providing inspirations rather than incentives makes the idea platform sustainable and in keeping connected to consumers through this online hub of good stories makes the campaign endless. Good stories can happen every day and is within every soul.
Thai Life Insurance was the first life insurance company in Thailand, established for 73 years. The company’s mission is to make Thailand a better community, improving everyone’s quality of life with the CSR strategy of giving, caring and inspiring the society.