Seub-Sarn Panitarn Keela Som-Dej-Ya Lae Mob I-Aoon Kae Dek Doi Aow Gard Project

Port Authority of Thailand

PAT believes that empowering people is the key to sustainable development of the Project by continuously creating volunteer spirit in its staff to contribute to the Organization and social aspects


The Port Authority of Thailand (PAT), a State Enterprise under the Ministry of Transport, is responsible for the management of 5 key Ports in Thailand: namely Bangkok Port, Laem Chabang Port, Chiang Saen Commercial Port, Chiang Khong Port and Ranong Port. Beyond serving the nation as the maritime transportation hub and trade gateway, the PAT considers the special Corporate Social Responsibility Project fulfills the value of the Organization. PAT places importance on responding to the needs of improving quality of life, creating good relations to not only the surrounding communities, but also to the people in the remote areas who lack social support through various activities or development projects in order to carry on the organizational development all along with the social responsibility. One of its remarkable activities is “Port Open” – a national-level petanque tournament organized annually by PAT. With the long journey of 28 years following to the Princess Mother’s determination on creating spirit of unity and empowering people in the remote area by means of sports, PAT has been inspired to continue with an extended project to promote petanque as well as to give love and warmth to the people.


“Seub-Sarn Panitarn Keela Som-Dej-Ya Lae Mob I-Aoon Kae Dek Doi Aow Gard Project” or “Continuing the Determination of the Princess Mother and Giving Love and Warmth to the Underprivileged Children Project” is the CSR Project initiated to enhance the betterment of the Thai people in distant areas by using petanque – the Princess Mother’s favorite sport, which is easy to play regardless of sex or age, at any area, with low cost. This Project is the combination of the new project integrated into the old one. At the same time, the problem of poor people in the north, especially children, who lack of clothes to fight against the coldness, is also considered. This combination not only encourages the local communities and children to spend their free time playing sports, but provide them love and warmth through the warm jackets of high quality.

To accomplish the above combination, many volunteers are needed in PAT. The main strategies of the Project can be concluded as follows: “Firstly, providing social opportunity to underprivileged children and hill tribe people by using the means of sport, Petanque, to build pride in themselves including the chance to enter Petanque Competition in Bangkok with the opportunities to sight-see in Bangkok and once-in-a-lifetime experience in sea water. Secondly, offering them love and warmth with tailor-made warm jackets handed individually to all students and teachers including entertaining activities from the “PAT Volunteer”. Lastly, developing volunteers for the society and community by organizing workshops and training courses for PAT staff to gain better understanding and share their ideas on creating the outrageous activities to those needy children.”

The Project Working Group will firstly conduct a research and survey in order to select an appropriate targeted district for the Project implementation each year. With months of preparation and cooperation with the local community leaders and related agencies, all efforts lead to the final success on the day of the Ceremony held at the selected local school with the memorable moment for both sides.


Throughout the 5 years of this Project, more than 15,000 pieces of warm jackets and 100 petanque tracks with petanque boules not less than 600 sets were presented to students and teachers in every school. The Project has been positioned as the Long-term Project of the Organization because of the positive feedback and great support from PAT Management team and staff. Each year, the Working Group, administrators, and representatives of volunteered staff collaboratively plan and brainstorm, for the highest benefit for the students of that particular selected district. Currently, the mutual relationship between PAT’s participating districts (one district per year) and the Organisation still exists with good feelings and relations from the beginning.


This Project initially focuses on Northern and Northeastern Thailand where they face severe cold weather. PAT will spread out their love and warmth covering all areas to relief their sufferings and make the underprivileged children and local communities feel part of the society. And more importantly, PAT believes that empowering people is key to sustainable development of the Project by continuously creating volunteer spirit in its staff to contribute to the Organization and social aspects.
The Port Authority of Thailand is a State Enterprise under the Ministry of Transport striving for excellent waterway transport linking the Thai economy to ASEAN. Apart from its core business, CSR has been placed as the crucial scheme to create empowered-minded individuals among port workers.