The New World Springboard

New World Development Company Limited

The programme has contributed a total of 79,300 training hours to 400 Springboard participants across 6 relatively impoverished districts in Hong Kong. Over 530 volunteers from 24 Group companies have joined as mentors


New World Development Company Limited (New World Group) strives to build a harmonious and inclusive society through sustainable community programmes to facilitate equal opportunities for all in the community. The “New World Springboard” sustainable community programme was launched in 2012 by the New World Group Charity Foundation, aiming to improve social mobility of young people by providing them with up to seven years of professional sports training.

Partnering with professional sports institutes including the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association and Hong Kong Basketball Association to invite experienced coaches to deliver regular training classes, the Group also consolidates efforts of 10 NGOs and other social groups to inject resources to New World Springboard and facilitate collaboration and interaction such as sharing from Hong Kong’s elite athletes on their inspiring experience.


Mentorship Programme: To foster all-round development of students, the Group runs Mentorship Programme and engages its employees, their relatives and friends as mentors with regular training and seminars on communication skills to help youths develop a positive attitude.

Community Ambassador Programme: Aiming to nurturing a caring and responsible new generation, the Group runs New World Springboard Community Ambassador Programme in which mentors and mentees are paired up in community service. The programme encourages the young generation to give back to society by supporting worthy social causes.

Parent Club: Paternal guidance and support to the kids play an important role in children development. The Parent Club was set up to provide members with necessary support and a platform for experience exchange. Seminars on parenting and mentorship training are also offered in collaboration with social welfare organisations.


The programme has contributed a total of 79,300 training hours, as of 31 March 2015, to 400 Springboard participants across six relatively impoverished districts in Hong Kong, providing opportunities for under-resourced basketball and swimming enthusiasts to release their full potential and achieve self-actualisation.

A 12-year-old talented swimmer from the programme participated in New World Harbour Race 2013, an international event sponsored by New World, after 2 years of training, where he was one of the youngest contestants. His achievement inspired many young swimmers. 4 more qualified young swimmers from the programme joined New World Harbour Race 2014 and their self-confidence has been significantly enhanced through this new challenge.

Since the launch of Mentorship Programme in early 2013, over 530 volunteers from 24 Group companies have joined as mentors. They have contributed a total of 3,300 service hours to get together with their mentees as of 31 Mar 2015.


The programme has been well received by stakeholders, including partnering organisations, programme participants, parents and mentors, who shared not only their appreciations and recognitions but also their thoughts about the New World Springboard Programme through different avenues, which help continuous improvement to the programme. Pursuing the belief in drilling persistency of the youth through sports training, New World Springboard is going to intensify its offering of sports training to children in need by expanded portfolio. Golf and tennis training will soon be added to the programme. In addition, the programme will also be extended geographically to a new district, Sai Kung, commissioning new NGO organizations to partner with the Group so as to expand overall social capital to the community.
Founded in 1970, New World Development Company Limited (“New World Group”, Stock Code: 17.HK) was publicly listed in Hong Kong in 1972 and is a constituent stock of the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index. A diversified holding company with a focus on property development, New World Group’s core business areas include property development, infrastructure and service, department stores and hotels.