Lamina’s “Dream” Educational Project

Lamina Films

Lamina’s determination is to drive project for more opportunities for the Thai children under mission that “Lamina will grow alongside the Thai society”. Over 15 years of Lamina’s “Dream” Educational Project, Lamina completed 14 new school buildings and 5 renovation projects


Techno-Sell (Frey) Co., Ltd was founded in 1995 as the importer and distributor of Lamina solar films made by CPFilms Inc., subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company, which has the most advanced and largest solar film production facility in the world. The company introduced itself as a leader in four areas – innovative, service quality, social responsibility and information provider. Lamina Films’ vision is to grow along with the Thai Society. The company values its role as an integral part of the Thai social development. Lamina Film believes that education is a key factor to raise people’s quality of life. However, opportunities for education for children in different areas in the country, especially, urban and rural areas, have not been equal. This brings Lamina to start a campaign: “Dream” Educational project. The project aims to build 1 new school building every year. Up to now, there have already been 14 new buildings sponsored by the project.


Lamina’s “Dream” Educational project is an annual project that aims to provide education opportunities for children who dream to continue their education. To operate this project, Lamina coordinates with the government’s education organizations, and communities initially to identify schools that fit with the project’s criteria i.e. 1) Schools with over 100 students, 2) Schools with inadequate classrooms to conduct classes, 3) Schools in remote areas will have priority in consideration, and 4) Schools who apply for the project’s support are required to submit fundamental information about their schools; numbers of students, teaching staffs, history of their schools, photos, maps of the schools.

After the receipt of the applications, Lamina sends out volunteer envoys to evaluate the candidate schools to select schools based on their potential to continue working with the project. The team from coordinates with various partners, follows up on the project, and sources for building materials by coordinating with relevant parties, the school’s surrounding community, governmental organizations and other volunteer groups. Once the buildings are completed, they are officially handed over to the schools on the National’s children day festival in the following year.

In 2015, 9 primary schools in the second educational district of Chaiyapoom province applied for the project’s support. The school that passed the project’s criteria and are qualified for the support for this 14th time is Bansanjod School, Kasetsomboon District, Chaiyapoom Province.


Over 14 years of Lamina’s “Dream” Educational project, Lamina has completed 13 new school buildings as well as 1 renovation project with the budget of 250,000 Baht. Up to now, the budget for constructing one school building is 1.5 million Baht (study and sports equipment are separate). With the completion of the project in the previous years, Lamina has returned beautiful buildings to these 14 schools, totaling 56 classrooms: 1,680 sq.m. altogether. With these constructions, over 12,000 students have their dreams fulfilled.

Alongside this project, Lamina selects 40 students to be part of Lamina network by joining their apprenticeship program for better income and social opportunity. The project has branched out with its Mini Lamina’s “Dream” Educational project, which was established to support schools unqualified initially for the project. Lamina has also donated mobile dental care units under the project “Lamina for dreams and smiles”, a campaign that has been running for 5 years, to community hospitals.


Lamina’s determination is to drive project for more opportunities for the Thai children through the continuation of the construction of schools. Its benefit is to further develop the Thai communities to help fulfill its mission that Lamina Films have long been committing to; “Lamina will grow alongside the Thai society”. No merit can match with education opportunity.
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