Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad

350 trainees have participated in training under 10 courses. 69% of them have successfully set up their small business and generate income


This programme is in line with one of the visions of the company to focus on aligning and supporting the aspiration of Selangor State Agenda to boost “People-Based Economy”. The programme is held annually, providing free entrepreneurship training for people in Selangor (youths, fresh graduates, unemployed, single mothers, retirees, physically challenged) as well as additional assistance in the form of fund, tool and advice. The main objective of this project is to provide opportunity for the less fortunate people who have the potential and in need of assistance in entrepreneurship development to help them generate income and break free from the cycle of poverty. “Seed fund” initial start-up capital as well as initial tools would be provided to help them move forward in business. Perangsang Selangor views this project as an avenue to support the Government’s agenda to address problems concerning unemployed graduates, apart from targeting other groups mainly single mothers and youths. Its second thrust is to provide an economic stimulus for the State. In short, it is a two-pronged strategy to overcome unemployment issue and stimulate the economy.


Perangsang Selangor engages qualified training providers to conduct training and monitors the progress. Every participant will be evaluated and monitored by training providers for between 6 and 12 months to identify their potentials and the type of support needed. This program is opened to youths, fresh graduates, non-graduates, unemployed, single mothers, retirees, and the physically challenged individuals aged 18 years and above who have the basic skills in entrepreneurial sector.

For the year 2014, Perangsang Selangor allocated RM2.2 million to provide new entrepreneurship courses for participants interested in Tailoring, Child Care, Islamic Pilgrimage Guide, Livestock Entrepreneurship, Flash Stamp Printing, Internet Marketing, Maintenance of Air Conditioners, Maintenance of Motorcycle, Snack entrepreneurship and Young Entrepreneurs Building Contractors. In addition to training, Perangsang Selangor also provides additional assistance to former participants of RKRS (entrepreneurship training) and other entrepreneurs who are already running businesses but need assistance to facilitate their survival in the sector. Perangsang Selangor firmly believes in CSR programmes to help upgrade standard of living and boost the economy of Selangor.


In 2014, Perangsang Selangor spent RM2.2 million in aid of new and existing entrepreneurs, apart from boosting social development in Selangor. Of the 350 individuals who had participated in a series of 10 training courses, 69% of them have successfully set up small businesses, generating income. Perangsang Selangor provided capital assistance and additional tools and marketing advice to help 293 entrepreneurs (80% of whom are entrepreneurship training programmes participants) remain in their business. Some 55 RKRS entrepreneurship training participants opted for on-the-job training. Perangsang Selangor paid them monthly allowance of between RM350 and RM500 each, totalling RM22,250. Since 2012, Perangsang Selangor spent RM4.5 million, for entrepreneurship training courses and additional assistances that has benefited 1,783 individuals. This is part of our on-going effort to enhance skills and development of entrepreneurs for the benefit of people in Selangor.


Ultimately this program has evolved from primarily targeting unemployed graduates to also include non-graduates who are also looking for jobs and opportunities to set up their own businesses. Perangsang Selangor hopes this programme would help expand the pool of entrepreneurs in Selangor, stimulating economic growth. State agencies and companies could adopt this programme that provides a systematic and comprehensive mechanism to help promote entrepreneurship development for the benefit of the community. As a responsible corporate citizen, Perangsang Selangor will continue with this effort, striving to forge meaningful relationship with the people through various sustainable programmes such as Entrepreneurship Development Programme.
Established 11 August 1975, Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad is the flagship, public-listed corporation under the purview of Selangor state government investing in hospitality, infrastructure and utilities, oil and gas as well as telecommunications sectors. Perangsang Selangor is committed towards long-term sustainable financial performance optimising returns for the benefit of stakeholders while contributing significantly to human and intellectual capital development.