A.S. Watson Global Volunteer Day

A. S. Watson Group (Hong Kong)

“In 2014 there were more than 32 business units organizing over 160 volunteer activities to serve over 30,000 people in need. More than 15,000 volunteers completed over 32,000 service hours.”


Corporate social responsibility in A.S. Watson Group is about its passion and commitment to bring more to life to the community today, and tomorrow. ASW held its 4th Global Volunteer Day in its operating markets in Asia and Europe during October and November 2014. Themed at “We bring more SMILES to Life”, the campaign not only aimed to motivate its global operating markets to engage staff and family members to serve the community through volunteering, but also relay happiness to the underprivileged groups in the society and create a better world to live.


Happiness simply starts with a smile which is one of the most powerful ways to influence others and relay happiness. With strong support from their long-term charity partners, its business units developed various volunteer programmes to serve the local communities, and bring positive energy to the society. Riding on the overwhelming response from the business units, ASW launched the Best Global Volunteer Stories Photo Competition to enable its staff to submit their volunteering photos and share their touching stories with the beneficiaries, which help create a caring culture within the company.


Global Volunteer Day received widespread support from its staff and achieved a record-breaking result in 2014, with more than 32 business units organizing over 160 volunteer activities to serve over 30,000 people in need. There were more than 15,000 volunteers completing over 32,000 service hours. Beneficiary groups included orphans, patients, elderly, impoverished students, underprivileged families, mentally and physically challenged, local communities and green groups. Also, for the first time ever, more than 30 star volunteers were nominated within the company for their active participation in corporate volunteer services and efforts in spreading their love and care to the needy.

In Hong Kong, ASW has been recognised as a Caring Company for 13 consecutive years, not only proving its efforts in serving the community but also its exemplary corporate citizenship.


ASW Global Volunteer Day has recorded a significant growth in staff participation since its inception. More and more staff, family members and friends volunteered to participate in this meaningful campaign and joined hands to make the community a better place. With such encouraging result, ASW will continue to encourage its business units to build a sustaining and long-term relationship with their charity partners and explore more opportunities in serving the community.
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