Muang Thai Life Assurance Community Development Volunteer Camp

Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited

Over 8 years, Muang Thai Life Assurance has built up strengths in more than 100 communities with success qualitatively measured by 3 different dimensions: Community, Volunteering and The Company


Muang Thai Life Assurance Community Development Volunteer Camp originated from the idea of strengthening and further building the welfare of different communities, in which the activities are carried out by the communities and for the communities, through adopting His Majesty the King’s Royal Initiative of “Sufficiency Economy” and adapting the concept to suit each community. Muang Thai Life Assurance has initiated and supported this project for 8 consecutive years out of awareness of the role in being “part” of the Thai society and the communities that the Company has been contributing to bring happiness and smiles to every Thai people by means of assuring their lives. Participating communities include Ban Kruengtai-Prachaphiwat, Chiang Khong District, Chiang Rai Province, which the project has helped to raise efficiency in the “weaving” process which is an occupation adopted by community members for over 100 years. Moreover, the project has enabled people to produce better quality textiles with assorted designs to match every consumer need and have entrepreneurial mind and production that is environmentally-friendly, which adds value to the produced goods.


This project provides opportunity for university students in each community to participate in activities to help raise the well-being of people living in their communities with

Muang Thai Life Assurance staffs serving as facilitators and giving advice in order for community members to grow strongly through the implementation of strategy in building “3-Know”, comprising:
  • Know how to explore: focus on studying the environment and welfare of the community in order to further build and add value to the products in the community, meaning members in the community can increase income and efficiency. At the same time, in being agents/financial consultants of Muang Thai Life Assurance, this can serve as another occupation to help generate income for interested community members,
  • Know how to use wisely: provide advice on the principle of efficient management and spending and reduce unnecessary debts, which includes using life insurance to manage risks stemming from expense uncertainty, e.g. face with critical illness or accident, and
  • Know how to save: build awareness of the necessity to save money for supporting different purposes, e.g. for children’s education and legacy for the heir, while at the same time, provide an understanding that life insurance is one of the tools that can be used to systematically build security in life and long-term savings.
In the process, volunteer students have learned and understood the way of living and well-being of communities, which also instilled in them the feeling of being a part of the communities.


Over 8 years, Muang Thai Life Assurance has built up strengths in more than 100 communities with success qualitatively measured by 3 different dimensions:
  • Community, where this project must be beneficial to life and respond to the needs of having good living conditions and pleasant environment in the community i.e. setting up community welfare, promoting the love for savings, encouraging adoption of sufficiency economy philosophy in life and introducing weaving techniques to produce better quality products,
  • Volunteering, university students who have gained knowledge and shared experiences among each other apart from gaining academic education in universities, and
  • The Company, allowing it to have a very good opportunity to drive growth and build up strength for the communities, as well as to indirectly promote its image.


This project highlights its outstanding “community-centric” principle by studying each community’s identity before creating activities to be suitable with the community’s characteristics. To continually develop such projects in the future, not only does it properly adapt project implementation framework to suit each community, but Muang Thai Life Assurance will also expand the locations of Community Development Camp to cover increased areas of Thailand. This is regarded as one of the most essential missions that “Muang Thai Life Assurance is strongly determined to promote in order to have a better, more secure and sustainable living in the society in the long run.
Muang Thai Life Assurance Public Company Limited has been operating life insurance business for serving the public with integrity and fairness and building security for Thai people for over 6 decades. The Company will not stop its determination in moving forward to become the insurance company that remains strong and stable in the future, worthy of the Company’s slogan “The Company for forward thinking people”.