Mandiri Young Technopreneur Program

PT Bank Mandiri (PERSERO) TBK

From 2011 until 2014, a total of 3,509 teams participated in the MYT program. The MYT program has been able to draw participants from 34 provinces in the country


Mandiri Young Technopreneur (MYT) program is Bank Mandiri’s appreciation and acknowledgement for outstanding young generations that have technology innovation for future implementation in the effort to enhance the community prosperity. Started in 2011, the MYT program is designed to create new entrepreneurs among the youth in technology sectors, and moreover to support the government program in poverty alleviation, especially by creating new job opportunities for the society. Hopefully, the entrepreneurs would become role models who will motivate the younger generations to continuously create the technological innovations and encourage entrepreneurship to the benefit of the country. By established the program, Bank Mandiri is committed to nurture the entrepreneurship spirit among the youth, and at the same time to encourage the youth to be a successful entrepreneur in order to develop entrepreneurs, especially in technology sectors in Indonesia.


The program is held to align with Bank Mandiri’s aspiration, which is to support the sustainable development process (especially in entrepreneurship and technology innovation) and also align with Bank Mandiri’s core business in banking services, especially for the SME segment.

The Winner of the MYT program is awarded project/seed capital worth up to Rp 1.000 million to implement the innovative technological projects in such a region to accelerate the welfare of its community. Referring to the benefits that will be received by the community, Bank Mandiri has selected 2 types of projects i.e. digital technology and non-digital technology. The assessment is based on the quality of innovations, originality, social impact from the benefits of innovation, potential for more technological innovation, and implementation. In addition to training and mentoring from professional business training institutions, the winners and finalist will be invited to participate in exhibitions, and will have the opportunity to obtain media coverage that supports their innovations and business development.


From 2011 until 2014, a total of 3,509 teams participated in the MYT program. The MYT program has been able to draw participants from 34 provinces in the country, something that also shows that the spirit of entrepreneurship in technology sectors in the Indonesian society increasing due to the encouragement provided by the MYT program.

As an example, the project capital provided to the winners of MYT program was used for the following purposes:

– As an MYT Winner in 2012, Nextin Indonesia received project capital to develop its innovative educational application called lexipal, which helps children with dyslexia to learn.

– T-Files Indonesia, MYT Winner in 2011, received project capital to implement the tidal power generation plant. First, the project was used to develop a generation plant for the people in Toyopakeh village, Bali, Indonesia, which until then had depended on a diesel generator that often broke down. Next, project capital was used to develop another tidal power plant in Bali. Now, the community has public electricity in the form of 15 lamps spread along its pier and beach, as well as a panel house that functions to distribute electricity to the entire village.


Besides the MYT program, Bank Mandiri also focuses on the development of the social entrepreneurship. This program aims to promote entrepreneurship among young people by rewarding individuals/communities that have been instrumental in developing social entrepreneurship and help accelerate the process of social self-reliance so as to benefit the surrounding community. Another innovation as part of the entrepreneurship program of Bank Mandiri is the Mandiri Business Incubator (MIB) program which its main purpose is to create a viable ecosystem for the purpose of providing coaching, mentoring and networking services to the young entrepreneur so that in the end they were able to become resilient entrepreneurs who are able to compete at the regional and international levels.
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