The Project of MWA Plumbers for People (2 Ps)

Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA)

At present, there are 292 certified trainees from 175 communities. The participants who completed the training earned 84.46 percent for their knowledge improvement


The MWA Plumber for People Project has been initiated by Mr Thanasak Watanathana, Governor of Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, after considering that the repairs of water pipe, equipment and sanitary ware leakages at present require a wait for plumbers. The Project of MWA Plumber for People started in 2014, and during its first period, MWA provided training for members from communities in its service area. The training offered both theory and practice to make sure participants had basic knowledge and skills in repairing water equipment in their houses by themselves. The project provides knowledge and skills in water pipe and equipment repairs for the general public, so that participants can improve their capacity, knowledge and skills and help their communities. At the same time, the project creates job opportunity. Additionally, the project helps improve social and environmental awareness and responsibility.


Metropolitan Waterworks Authority is committed to providing constant water for all households. The Project of MWA Plumbers for People is in line with the capacity and the expertise of the MWA in terms of water pipe system maintenance to make sure people are provided with 24-hour water service. The training, both theory and practice, is provided by MWA expert, alliance companies and Military Technical Training School. Meanwhile, the CSR activity is organized for trained people, so that they can apply their knowledge and skills to a real situation by acting as volunteers to repair the water system in various locations, including temples, schools and communities. Meanwhile, MWA has provided advisors for these people.

The project has helped improve the participants’ capacity and self-confidence. MWA has ensured that participants can improve their capacity, leading to self-esteem. They are no longer deprived of social opportunity, income, knowledge or skills and can help other people. A large number of trained plumbers can find their own potential and become beneficial for their families and communities. Their attitude is changed, and they are looking forward to their future.


From the beginning, MWA evaluated the success of the project by the number of participants. At present, there are 292 certificate trainees from 175 communities. The participants who achieved the training earned 84.46 percent for their knowledge improvement. For the outcome of the project, in 2014 participants were monitored and found that they applied their knowledge and skills to repair water pipe and equipment in their own houses, neighbors’ houses and communities.

The Project of MWA Plumbers for People focuses on following up with and assessing participants continuously to make sure participants can apply knowledge and skills to their daily life and help the society. In addition, the curriculum has been updated to respond to the change in current situation. The project has provided people with knowledge, skills and experiences and reduced household expenses in terms of water system maintenance cost. People can rely on their communities. Knowledge and skills have been exchanged among people in communities, leading to community strength.


The Project of MWA Plumbers for People has received good responses from interested people participating in the project. The participants can apply their knowledge and skills to water system repair in their own houses and neighbors’ houses, leading to a decrease in expenses and increase in household income. MWA has a long-term plan to develop the curriculum for intermediate and advanced levels to allow people to work as professional plumbers and earn as their main income. MWA has set up an innovative guideline for improving participants as trainers and expand their knowledge and skills. Although this training is the first step of MWA, it is an important step for strengthening communities. MWA believes in the potential of all people and becomes part of life quality improvement for people in communities.
Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) is a state enterprise under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior, Thailand. It started its operations on 16 August 1967 in pursuance of the Metropolitan Waterworks Act B.E. 2510 (A.D. 1967) with an obligation to provide raw water sources for waterworks activities, which include producing, distributing and selling treated water in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan and running other businesses related or beneficial to the MWA.