Safety Thailand

A.P. Honda Co., Ltd

The program has seen 23,034,781 participants, and has recruited 3,019 principal instructors and 23,000 assistant instructors


At present, the number of casualties worldwide from motorcycle-related accidents continues to grow each year. The published death rates from road accidents for many developing countries or emerging markets continued to increase sharply. Safety Thailand was launched since 1989 until the present to enhance safe riding for the general public to learn how to ride the motorcycle safely through providing safety riding instructor, safe riding courses as well as safe riding center nationwide. Furthermore, A.P. Honda has promoted and encouraged people to adopt a strong safe riding culture in Thailand to meet international standards resulting in a decrease in the number of road accidents occurring each year. The project was awarded certification of our safe riding campaign and program in Thailand for 25 consecutive years the IATSS Awards (Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences) from Japan.


The purpose of the program is to raise awareness and pass on knowledge about road safety issues to vehicle owners on a wide scale as well as to change social attitudes regarding vehicle use among the general public to significantly reduce the number of traffic accidents. A.P. Honda then carried out a framework at three levels, which are:
  • To educate people about safe riding and the need to abide by traffic regulations;
  • To improve riding skills in a practical way by building up internationally-certified safe riding centers; and
  • To build awareness of safe riding through a comprehensive array of campaigns promoting a safe riding culture in every relevant organization and to be committed to by every motorcyclist.
And for initiating a Program, we used an approach adapted to Thailand. We made a commitment to all of Honda’s dealers nationwide to provide a team of instructors trained by A.P. Honda who would pass on their knowledge and skills to customers, This program has run continuously from 1989 until now.


The outcome from the safe riding training program is that over 25 consecutive years (1989 to 2014), there have been 23,034,781 participants in the program. And has recruited 3,019 principal instructors and 23,000 assistant instructors. The expansion of A.P. Honda’s own internationally-certified Safe Riding Centers is complete in 2 locations, Honda motorcycle’s dealer in 11 locations, the collaboration of Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and A.P.Honda in 12 locations, as well as in The Vocational Schools 26 locations, total amount is 40 locations nationwide. The result was shown that the number of students of riding age who participate in training program relates to 40% decrease in motorcycle-related accidents. Safe Riding Center has been permitted by Department of Land Transport of the Ministry of Transport to become Thailand’s first certified Safety Riding Center offering practical training and skill development as well as licensing, providing enough venues and services for training and practice riding.

Furthermore, an addressing the safe riding issue together with offering riding courses would enhance the well-being of Thai society. Consequently, the constant and comprehensive contribution of knowledge about safe riding is delivered to every group of people in society.


Due to the phenomenal success from safe riding program, A.P. Honda plan to develop a long-term strategic plan to sustainably expand to the 77 Vocational traffic Education Centers which are the riding age in 77 provinces across Thailand. (This program has been completed in 26 locations from 2013 – 2014). The above program is designed to effectively reduce the number of road accidents, fatalities and losses using sustainable measures.

The Safe Riding program was initiated as a form of social responsibility as we are the country’s leading motorcycle distributor that always supplies high-efficiency products and innovations, and addressing the safe riding issue together with offering riding courses would enhance the riding global standard towards the well-being of Thai society.
A.P. Honda Co., Ltd is a Honda motorcycle distributor in Thailand established in 1986 with the co-operation of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. The company is the leader in Thailand’s motorcycle industry and has a strong commitment to contributing to the sustainable growth of Thai society and building harmony between people under the clear vision of “Striving to be a company that society wants to exist.”