Peduli Kasih (Care With Love)

PT Indosiar Visual Mandiri

Throughout 2014 Peduli Kasih has helped 27,640 patients from all over Indonesia, with various illnesses; illnesses that differ regionally


Peduli Kasih is one of Indosiar’s embodiments in its humanity mission that involves its philanthropic viewers. As a media company, Indosiar utilises its strength of being able to reach millions of viewers to gather their philanthropic viewers to help the unfortunate, which corresponds with Indosiar’s principle: not only to reap financial profit, but always try to contribute more to the society. Peduli Kasih was formed in September 2000, and initially focused on giving medical expenses to support unfortunate people who suffered from congenital heart disease. However, the increasing demands of medical expenses have made Peduli Kasih to expand its typical diseases support as well as its coverage area to include atresia ani, hypospadia, hirschsprung, cleft lip, hernia, cataract, etc. As a country that consists of more than 17 thousands islands which spreads throughout the archipelago, many Indonesian people could not receive proper health services although the government has tried to improve it. Peduli Kasih has tried to answer these problems by executing free medical treatment such as free cataract surgery, cleft lip surgery, hernia surgery, etc, in remote areas, which many times were organized in large-scale social services in several places on the same day.


Peduli Kasih divided its health activities into two categories, individual services and mass services. Individual services aims to serve individual patient with each of their illness while mass services are aims to serve mass patients with general diseases. In order to reach patients in every corner of Indonesia, Peduli Kasih has collaborated with various governmental and non-governmental institutions, e.g. medical and educational institutions, the army, the local and community leaders, and volunteers all of Indonesia. Indosiar has been integrating Peduli Kasih’s activities with its core business by using its airtime to publish its activities as well as to gain viewers’ awareness of unfortunate people. Peduli Kasih has also been involving Indosiar’s transmission stations’ staffs across the country to support its activities and to gain important information from their location.

Peduli Kasih operating expenses are not taken from the generated fund, but have been borne entirely by Indosiar. In addition, all Peduli Kasih activities are reported to the society through Indosiar’s news programs, social media and Indosiar official website ( To preserve transparency and accountability, Peduli Kasih’s financial statement is audited periodically by Independent Public Accountants and is uploaded to the Indosiar website.


Throughout 2014 Peduli Kasih has helped 27,640 patients from all over Indonesia, with various illnesses; illnesses that differ regionally. In terms of the evaluation of the positive impact of the project has given to the target community, in certain areas, hernias has become one of the most illness suffered by local people, while in other areas this may differ according to their daily activities and nutrition. Besides hernias, cataract illnesses also dominated Indonesia from its west to its east. There are more than 2 million people suffering from cataract in Indonesia (its number has been growing by 200 thousand people per year despite more governmental attention). This is why Peduli Kasih has put more attention to free cataract surgeries as well, organising the surgeries both in big cities and remote areas. In 2014, there were more than one thousand patients who had received free cataract surgery.


Since 2014, the Indonesian government has implemented national health insurance to all Indonesian citizens with full penetration target on 2019. In order to supplement its health activities, Peduli Kasih has taken on the role to perform health campaigns, which will be held periodically in slum areas, with students as the main target, in the hope that they will learn healthy habits at a young age. It is expected that with healthy habits the number of illnesses will be reduced. Peduli Kasih has also expanded its core activity to education and environment, as the issues in these two sectors are also crucial in Indonesia. By the end of 2014, Peduli Kasih started to enter the education sector followed by environment sector in early 2015. Health, education and environment are all closely related and are important assets for advancing a nation. By increasing the people’s education, the people’s knowledge about healthy lifestyle and way of life to protect the environment will also improve.
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