SPCG 36 solar farms

SPCG Public Company Limited

SPCG has the total installed capacity of 36 solar farms at approximately 260 MW, which generates electricity to about 350 million units per year, equal to electricity consuming about 600,000 households


SPCG believes in the potential of clean technology of solar energy and its endless source from the sun. SPCG started its business from nothing but the faith of our beliefs with our business plan on solar farms that have never been done before in ASEAN. SPCG successfully initiated its business with 2 MW capacity at Nakornrajchasrima (Korat). Later on, SPCG partnered with Tte Energy for Environment Foundation (EforE), International Finance Corporation (IFC) Member of World Bank, Thai Fah Power Co. Ltd, Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Pcl. and PEA ENCOM, the only one subsidiary of Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand (PEA). Currently SPCG has 36 solar farms with the capacity of 260 MW. SPCG’s goal is to acquire more capacity through new PPA to strengthen the energy stability of Thailand in order to promote clean energy technology as a result of the business, which can reduce the importing of oil and gas to minimize loss of foreign currency. SPCG aims to become a leader in all solar professional areas such as solar EPC & OMM regionally, as well as the solar roof business.


SPCG’s solar farms are designed for powering nearby urban areas for electricity consumption. The SPCG project was carefully designed to provide best output. Fortunately, Thailand has the advantage for solar power location-wise as it lies a little bit above the equator and the sun orbital position does not vary much among different seasons. SPCG partners with Kyocera from Japan, one of the largest solar panels manufactures in the world to provide to all of solar farms. Moreover, SPCG utilizes a string inverter design rather than a central inverter type to optimize the best output in the case of inverter’s downtime with SMA inverter. As for the funding, SPCG chose K-Bank as a financial institute to provide project loans and partnered with others organizations for investing in SPCG equity.

The increasing of clean energy capacity will help drive economic growth and reserve energy for Thailand and the region to sustainability for next generation. The Solar farm project is able to help the planet and mitigate climate change. In addition, it creates more than 20,000 jobs within its 5 years project development and further on. SPCG established the Solar Farm Education Center open for the public to know more about solar knowledge and their social work. SPCG gives out free unconditional scholarship to unsupported children as well to help public needs such as education, hospitals, and temples. SPCG also gives out sets of solar powered pumping systems for underground water to rural area.


SPCG has the total installed capacity of 36 solar farms at approximately 260 MW, which generates electricity to about 350 million units per year, equal to electricity consuming about 600,000 households with the average consuming around 600 units/household. The 36 solar farms have also provided potential saving of 200,000 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions annually, or equal to the use of almost 500,000 barrels of oil per year and creating more than 20,000 jobs. SPCG won the UNFCCC Momentum for Changes Lighthouse Award 2014 for reducing CO2 over 200,000 tons/year and SPCG was awarded for the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2013 from the success of its commercial solar farm. SPCG also received CSR-DIW Award from Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry 2013 for the high standard of business that contributes to social responsibility. As pioneers in the solar farm business successfully providing large-scale commercial on-grid solar power, SPCG propels the solar farm industry in Thailand from the impossible to becaming one of the major sources of country power. SPCG is a precedent case of Thailand and ASEAN due to unblocked obstacles and challenges in financial issues.


SPCG has the vision that solar power will become normal practice of society to create clean energy. SPCG will expand the solar roof business for both residential and commercial areas. SPCG will introduce Home Energy Management System to the ASEAN market for the best efficiency of power usage. SPCG has a plan to initiate CSR project that educate people to realize the importance of efficiency of their energy usage by creating the campaign to install solar roof system in rural area schools for students to observe and strategize its power generation and its consumption. SPCG will also do the similar project for temples and government buildings in rural area as well.
SPCG Public Company Limited is a pioneer in the Solar business in Thailand and ASEAN. SPCG was the first to commercially develop solar farms to provide on-grid energy, and currently has 36 solar farms with the capacity of 260 MW. Other than the solar farm business, SPCG also has Solar farm EPC, solar roofs, and a steel roof business.