Bio-Agri Plastic – Sustainable Innovative Plastic

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited

The Bio-Agri plastic poses positive environmental impact regarding plastic waste reduction, with no detection of toxic in soil after its degradation


Due to PTTGC’s value towards green chemicals development and environmental responsibilities, a bioplastic research and development project called a Bio-Agri plastic has been initiated in collaboration with The Royal Project and Thailand Research Fund to develop a biodegradable plastic for agricultural application. The Bio-Agri plastic was particularly designed to be environmental friendly, substitutable and provide excellent performance. A special in-house invented additive mixed in the Bio-Agri plastic acts as decomposition accelerator when the roots fully develop. Hence, the Bio-Agri plastic improves overall performance in terms of better crop yield and quality of agricultural products. The Bio-Agri plastic poses positive environmental impacts regarding plastic waste reduction as it will be buried safely together with plants in planting fields, it’s also required lower energy consumption for plastic abolishment process when compare with other conventional plastic bags. Bio-Agri plastic is a green technology product – save us, save the world.


In line with PTTGC’s vision to be a leading chemical company for better living and aim to grow the company through the adoption of sustainable development, PTTGC extends business into green chemicals and bioplastics which this Bio-Agri plastic project concept also aligns with the company’s strategy for doing business together with societal and environmental protection. Incorporation of innovation is an effective approach to achieve that goal. PTTGC has therefore explored and developed Bio-Agri – Sustainable Innovative Plastic to improve efficiency and quality of Thailand’s agricultural industry. The Bio-Agri plastic project accomplished the company in terms of the natural resources restoration and conservation strategy PTTGC already has in place, as well as an economic strategy in order to introduce advanced and environmentally-friendly material to modernize agricultural practices. In addition, the Bio-Agri plastic reduces the amount of plastic waste and builds a low carbon society.


Like any other newly invented innovation, the Bio-Agri plastic underwent a minimum of 2 years testing period as nursery and plantation bags for cold weathered crops at the Royal Project sties. With promising total consumption of Bio-Agri plastic approximate 200 tons per year; it was confirmedly tested for each claimed application under different conditions. Degradable performances were also tested both in the greenhouse and outdoor field to determine the degradability degree along crop roots development period. Using Bio-Agri plastic was technologically proven that it can be left for in-situ decomposition and completely degraded within 6 months; time is saved resulting in more crop cultivations per year. The Bio-Agri plastic poses positive environmental impact regarding plastic waste reduction, and no toxic detected in soil after the Bio-Agri plastic degradation duration ended confirmed by soil contamination analysis. Furthermore, using Bio-Agri plastic carried out cost effective by reducing plastic waste disposal costs considerably.


With successful trials on the Bio-Agri plastic nursery and plantation bags, PTTGC expects to expand their usage to more variety of plants at other Royal Project stations nearby. Additionally, PTTGC would move forward with other private companies who perform similar agricultural business activities and eventually throughout the country. With its good degradable performance, and durability, the Bio-Agri plastic can be adapted to other applications, such as forestation, trees planting and building check dams are some of the possibilities. Moreover, PTTGC has been developing a new formulation of Bio-Agri plastic for greenhouse film application which is UV wavelength selective property and endure to severe weather conditions to the same level as Polyethylene (PE) does. Packaging application, which has high consumption volume and huge amount of waste generation, is also another target. Then, replacing conventional plastics to Bio-Agri plastic is the answer for Thai’s future.
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