PARKnSHOP – Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards

PARKnSHOP Energy Saving Programme


PARKnSHOP recognises the importance of environment conservation and sets to achieve the goal through various energy saving practices including smart meters, electric kitchens and heat recovery system, etc


As a leading supermarket chain with extensive store network, PARKnSHOP recognises the importance of environment conservation and sets to achieve the goal through energy saving – an aspect directly related to its business.

At the same time, PARKnSHOP aims to benefit different stakeholders through its green practices, for example, electric kitchens generate less heat and provide a better working environment for the staff. This direction sets to create a win-win situation for the company and its stakeholders.


An energy saving committee involving various departments including top management, store development, operation, engineering and finance departments was established to develop energy saving practices. The collaboration brings about various energy saving facilities in the stores:

(1) Electric kitchen: Introduced to 20 stores, it helps reduce overall energy consumption and at the same time lower the kitchen temperature.

(2) Smart meters: PARKnSHOP is the first local supermarket chain to use smart meters to monitor electricity usage.

(3) Heat recovery system: Heat ejected by refrigeration system is recovered by heat changer to heat water for store’s use.

(4) Night blinds are installed on refrigerators to avoid the loss of cool air overnight and LED lights are adopted to lower energy usage.

On top of the internal measures, PARKnSHOP also strives to educate the public, especially the young generation, about energy conservation. PARKnSHOP launched its Green School Program in 2013, which is open to all local primary and special schools to apply funding for green projects covering areas like energy saving.


The outcomes of the energy saving measures have been encouraging. The measures do not only conserve energy, but also help lower energy cost. For example, PARKnSHOP’s Tung Chung Citygate store saves HK$160,000 of energy expense per year after shifting from gas to electric kitchen; smart meters brought about a 2.4% year-on-year drop of energy consumption according to the data of 16 comparable stores installed with the device.

The encouraging results could not be accomplished without the engagement of staff. The energy saving committee and energy saving workshops for store managers have successfully aroused the staff’s awareness of energy conservation and given them the knowledge to implement the related measures.


The project will be continued into the future as it brings benefits to PARKnSHOP, its stakeholders and the community at large in various ways. PARKnSHOP is planning to extend the project scale in order to maximise the benefits. For example, smart meter system now covers around 150 stores and PARKnSHOP plans to involve more stores; there are 20 stores with electric kitchen and suitable stores will be renovated in the future.

PARKnSHOP is committed to invest more in environmental protection and will keep enhancing the existing practice to maintain the programme’s sustainability.
PARKnSHOP, a member of A.S. Watson Group, is the leading name in Hong Kong supermarket shopping, with a long-standing reputation for the widest number of product choices, freshness and safety at the best value for money for over 40 years. With a network of over 370 stores across Hong Kong, Macau and China, PARKnSHOP has developed different brands and formats including Fusion, Taste, International, Gourmet, Great and SU-PA-DE-PA to meet the needs of different customer segments.