Beyond the National Greening Program

Lafarge Republic Group

By the end of 2013, Lafarge Republic completed reforesting 800 hectares of denuded forests. In September 2014, the organization exceeded its target of 850 hectares, or about 425,000 trees


The Lafarge Republic Group is an active partner of the Philippine government’s National Greening Program (NGP). The NGP seeks the attainment of sustainable human development as well as economic and ecological security. Its goal is to have 1.5 billion trees planted in over 1.5 million hectares across the country by 2016. For its voluntary participation in the NGP, Lafarge Republic worked closely with people’s organizations, local and national agencies, its business partners and employee volunteers in developing a reforestation program that would support the overall goals of the NGP and the needs of communities living within identified areas for reforestation.

Lafarge Republic’s “Beyond the National Greening Program” has sought to reforest 850 hectares in locales situated near its facilities and take stewardship over these reforestation areas from 2013 to 2016. In addition, the program aims to provide livelihood opportunities for more than 400 families living in these communities who will benefit from the produce of fruit-bearing trees and other planted crops that are intercropped with forest trees, steering them away from their traditional livelihood of slash-and-burn agriculture and cutting of forest trees to produce charcoal.


Lafarge Republic early on recognized the value of dialogue and active stakeholder engagement to ensure the success of the reforestation program. Working closely with regulatory agencies and local and national government representatives, the organization identified four pilot sites in various parts of the country for the program. People’s Organizations (POs) living in or near the identified reforestation sites, meantime, were sought out and engaged as partners and fellow stewards of the program.

In July 2013, Lafarge Republic launched the program in 4 selected NGP sites across 4 regions in the country. Some 400 employees and key business partners answered the call for volunteerism in this reforestation effort. Lafarge Republic’s partner POs has since then continued with the planting, as well as the care and maintenance of the sites. The goal is to attain a 90% survival rate before the turnover of the sites to the Philippine national government in 2016. Lafarge Republic is now working with community and provincial environment and natural resources officers in monitoring the growth and health of the sites.

By leveraging on its ability to forge strong relationships with various stakeholders and partners, the organization created a formula for success to assure the program’s sustainability.


By the end of 2013, Lafarge Republic completed reforesting 800 hectares of denuded forests. In September 2014, the organization exceeded its target of 850 hectares, or about 425,000 trees.

They remain focused on the goal – the creation of thriving new forests that will assure ecological and economic security for the communities, in particular, and the nation.


Moving forward, Lafarge Republic aims to increase to 1,500 hectares the coverage area of its reforestation efforts by 2020.

By enhancing dialogue and engagement with all its stakeholders in the most transparent manner, Lafarge Republic will continue to build on a tradition of many years of constructive relationships with all its partners, clients, government and local authorities, employees and shareholders.
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