We Are ArthaLand: We Are Green

Arthaland Corporation

We are ArthaLand is projected to have reached as much as 4,000 individuals in terms of sustainable education, and more than 50 grassroots households have benefited from the training workshop on urban composting


Since 2010, the company has been doing various outreach programs that include community services, school partnerships, sustainability education programs, and other professional extension services. In 2014, ArthaLand began to institutionalize its Corporate Social Responsivity efforts through a campaign called We are ArthaLand: We are Green – a comprehensive employee and community sustainability engagement program. The project aims to streamline and focus all the sustainability education efforts that are being done by the company and its individual employees. With this comprehensive engagement program, ArthaLand aims to have greater focus in enlisting its human resources to be at the forefront of green education to influence people and communities that it serves. As a company that takes sustainability as its core value, ArthaLand aims to encourage its stakeholders to adapt the eco-responsible lifestyle not only through its projects but also through their daily activities as well. For ArthaLand, sustainability is not just a part of its corporate social responsibility but an integral business strategy.


We are ArthaLand rests on a simple framework: spread the gospel of green living through its projects, extension services, and education programs. We are ArthaLand: We are Green was implemented through its Human Resource Department – the group tasked to identify the employees’ core strength that is in consonance with the company’s green values and community’s sustainable needs. ArthaLand leveraged on its employees’ technical skills as well as on its longstanding partnership with WWF – Philippines to engage local government units and grassroots communities in embracing practical sustainable activities. To effectively achieve this, the program was done in 2 phases: first, education and training of the employees themselves through lectures and workshops; second, community immersion and hands-on lectures.

Apart from the grassroots extension services, ArthaLand also ensured that its third party contracted manpower practice sustainable living. Regular sustainability briefings are held with the construction workers to ensure that they practice the high standard in building green as well as teach them on how to practically apply these principles in their own homes and communities.

ArthaLand considers We are ArthaLand as an integral part of its business strategy rather than just a separate CSR campaign. We are ArthaLand is a 360 degree learning program wherein employees are able to share their technical expertise while exposing them to practical sustainability issues from multiple stakeholders.


Wide reach. We are ArthaLand is projected to have reached as much as 4,000 individuals in terms of sustainable education. Among them are about a thousand construction workers who are required to attend the monthly lectures and about a hundred corporate employees.

Direct Impact. More than 50 grassroots households have benefited from the training workshop on urban composting. With this, it is projected that 250 individuals (say each family has five members) have benefited from the project.

High Morale. Employees who participated in the lecture workshop as well as those who directly immersed with the adopted community felt good after the activities. Their level of satisfaction for the achievement is high and they now promise to be at the forefront of spreading the green gospel in their own homes and communities. For ArthaLand, employees who have positive outlook are seen to have more positive impact at work.


As a future-proof, sustainable developer, ArthaLand is further strengthening its commitment not only to reach more people but to sustain the relationship with the communities and institutions it partners with. ArthaLand will continue its efforts to educate its employees, partners, and communities on sustainable practices. A new project will be undertaken this year with WWF – Philippines to focus on education school children on water conservation. Another partnership with Habitat for Humanity to adopt a village as a model for sustainable construction, maintenance, and education is currently being discussed.
ArthaLand is a boutique Filipino real estate developer that is recognized by various global organizations for quality and sustainability. ArthaLand is an entrepreneurial, world-class, boutique developer of unique, enduring, and sustainable projects in the residential, office, and leisure segments.