Reduce Waste by Using 3 Rs

Ampol Food Processing Ltd

Ampol focuses on the 3R’s principles through education, information, analyzing various possibilities in taking advantage of ongoing waste using new innovations, and with fully utilized waste and developed projects that exist continuously


Ampol Food Processing Ltd is a business that manufactures and processes food products such as fruit juice, coconut milk, and agriculture UHT milk rice jelly packing box. The management’s vision of its green enterprise is through its personnel who must have the knowledge and understanding of the main raw material, which are components of the coconut, and coconut not in production, including coconut fiber and coconut processing used for its advantages.In addition, the company has management of waste resulting from other processes that occur within the factory, such as its waste water project, the Bank projects, recycled production system projects and biogas from waste water to reduce waste within the plant and reduce its environmental impact within the community. The goal of the project is to manage waste products within the factory. There is a wide variety of management policies, which require that projects are to make “zero waste”. Reducing the amount of waste leaving the plant and waste from the manufacturing processes and processing products benefits to create value and reduces the environmental impact.


The project had analysed the feasibility of waste that cause adverse effects on the environment with the aid of consult experts in its development. In order to ensure the best potential of the project, the economy, society and environment were all factored in to achieve the sustainable development of the organization.

The operations had started from these sources of information, which was furthered with analyzing the possibility of the utilization of waste. Once engaged with a professional, the project was improved continuously.


The company constantly consults with its customers on feedback and problems. When problems occur they are faced head on until a solution is reached with the cooperation of the personnel within the facility. The solutions generally take time and incur cost for implementation, but the overall result of the project is has been worth it and satisfactory for the organisation.

For example, the carbon footprint project was able to prepare carbon footprint for 13 products with focus on the main products of the company. Moreover, the project of reusing and recycling water can produce 50 m3/hour and it can be utilized instead. Furthermore, the construction of the biogas system from Food Waste can reduce food waste/waste organic by 100%. This is used for renewable energy by not less than 90% of quantity. In addition, the project of producing fuel pellets from the coconut fiber with Pellet Machines can produce Wood Pellets from coconut fiber where 100% of it can be put into the boiler to become solid fuel. The recycling bank project crests waste management systems for all kinds of waste in the organization. The project of producing renewable energy from biomass by using the technology of gasification can produce thermal energy (Bio Gas) as substitute fuel oil consumption not less than 80%, which produces electric power into factory not less than 200 We also have the project of substitution wood products by using UHT boxes, where one of products made from these UHT boxes is board. The last project is Biogas from waste water where Biogas removes organic substances in COD by at least 70% and biogas 0.4 Nm3-Biogas/kg-COD removal. Finally, the positive impacts of this project are to reduce environmental impact in the community and transform waste, such as the replacing of wood material with UHT boxes, which are used for tables for students given to the communities where these are scarce.


Ampol Food Processing Ltd is one of the leading innovative food manufacturers in Thailand with a management system to take advantage of its resources efficiently. This is done by focusing on the 3R’s principles through education, information, analyzing various possibilities in taking advantage of ongoing waste using new innovations, and with fully utilized waste and developed projects that exist continuously. APF staff has a heart full of culture and a consciousness for a “green attitude” to society and the environment. This is by living to be aware of the consequences that will occur on the society and the environment. Ampol constantly develops and has continuous innovation to contribute to a social environment that is sustainable.
Ampol Food Processing Ltd is one of leading innovation food and drink manufacturers in Thailand. It aims to create new healthy products by applying thorough research and high technology manufacturing processes. Adding values to locally cultivated produces thorough such care and innovation is the ultimate goal to give customers around the world happiness with ease and “The Healthy Taste”.