ONE-TWO-JUICE On-The-Move – Mobile Juice Van

Selangor Dredging Berhad

The ONE-TWO-JUICE project creates employment opportunities and accompanying benefits to enable special needs individuals to fend for themselves with minimal assistance from parents or guardians.


SDB aims to support special needs individuals with learning disabilities to become self-sufficient and self-reliant, to gain economic empowerment for independent living. SDB has funded and set up the ONE-TWO-JUICE project to create employment opportunities and accompanying benefits to enabling these individuals to fend for themselves with minimal assistance from parents or guardians. This also helps to diversify and enhance their work and social skills, while acquiring new skills in unfamiliar areas. In turn, they gain more confidence and self-esteem and feel a sense of belonging in society.

Following the success of the ONE-TWO-JUICE stall since 2011, SDB went one step further in embarking on a mobile version. The “ONE-TWO-JUICE On-The-Move” is SDB’s Mobile Juice Van that caters more efficiently and conveniently to a wider range of customers at different locations. This enhances more skills for the beneficiaries and provides further sustainability for the project.


The ONE-TWO-JUICE Van idea originated from SDB’s Managing Director, Ms. Teh Lip Kim, as an effective outreach to more customers while acting as an awareness-raising endeavor.

The Mobile Juice Van is set up and equipped similarly to the stationary Juice Stall allowing the beneficiaries to still be familiarised with the similar settings while adapting to the new environment. As people with learning disabilities learn at different paces to other people it takes them less time to be trained in similar settings, which allows them more time to focus on adapting to the new environment and different groups of customers.

Being a “Six Sigma” project, SDB has devised a comprehensive “Business Blueprint”, equipped with the set-up plan of the stall, specially designed processes and flowcharts for the business operations, accounting templates, and staff performance evaluation. Moreover, all anticipated safety issues and “what if” scenarios have been meticulously thought through with a resolution, and precautions have been taken to ensure that the project and business can sustain not only the business expenses, but more importantly, the comfort, safety and well-being of the special needs individuals.


The objective of this one-of-a-kind project is to empower individuals with learning disabilities by equipping them with skills to be confident and independent adults, rather than just providing temporary assistance. Services provided do not only cover physical training, but also emotional support and coaching. Once they’re developed, SDB encourages them to move on to bigger challenges, either in different projects or other job placements elsewhere.

An Assessment Module has been devised to assess the improvement and enhancement of skills and capabilities for each individual, as well as their independence levels. Individually they evaluated every 6 months where an appraisal tool has been devised to identify their strengths, as well as to enhance their work skills, social skills and proficiency in all possible areas, and in turn, develop them even further in other additional aspects.


Aside from the juice stall, SDB has established an internship programme for individuals with learning disabilities to work at the corporate office and subsidiary offices. Moreover, SDB is also embarking on other similar projects to further diversify the skills training in other different areas for beneficiaries. In turn, SDB hopes that other companies will follow suit to create other opportunities of employment for them.

With this, SDB will continuously create more awareness in educating the public on the serious employment issues faced by people with learning disabilities. Through the efforts of this project, it is hoped that sufficient public support and encouragement will help such individuals cope with their issues, especially with their need for independence, as well as enable them to become visible and gain self-importance in society.
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