Antabax National Hand Hygiene Campaign 2013

Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd

Both programmes appealed to all levels of community as it involves music and games and the older generation is given an opportunity to reminisce their childhood games.


Antabax is an award-winning antibacterial personal care range comprising of shower cream, hand sanitisers, medicated powder and others, from Lam Soon. The brand believes good hygiene should begin from young, and therefore organizes programmes to inculcate the habit of hand washing among school children.

Front liners in the travel, food preparation and education industries, medical personnel are also included in its programmes. The target is to reach all Malaysians with useful, fun-filled, memorable and educational hygiene messages with the objective of making good hygiene a lifelong habit. Last year, the Antabax National Hand Hygiene Campaign 2013 incorporated two major programmes, which are the National Patty Cake Competition as well as the reality game show, ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’.

Incorporating traditional Malaysian games, the approach was ground-breaking and gathered a huge following at schools, online and on television causing a resurgence of interest in traditional games, and getting children to head outside and play, while giving parents and grandparents a happy dose of nostalgia. The underlying message was to keep clean and keep healthy with Antabax.


The National Patty Cake Competition a.k.a Tepuk Amai-Amai is a specially choreographed traditional game competition. Schools in 10 states were visited, given educational briefing on good hand hygiene, and introduced to the game.

Open to primary school students aged from 7 to 12 years old, contestants were required to record a video of their most creative choreography to the tune of the catchy Antabax Gosok-gosok melody, including action routines and lyrics.

Lat-Tali-Lat is a reality game show and a result of collaboration between Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd and ASTRO. 24 participants from Malaysian primary schools were chosen to compete in unique traditional games, over 10-episode half hour series on Astro Ria.

This unique approach and tie up between tradition, culture, music and hygiene attracted school children and encouraged them to participate.


Antabax National Hand Hygiene Campaign 2013 directly benefited 26 schools across Malaysia, and reached out to 100 schools. Drawing great public attention, the National Patty Cake Competition received the Sin Chew Awards 2013. The reality gaming programme, ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’ was aired on ASTRO. The show is believed to have reached more than 1.5 million viewers.

The committed CSR initiatives by Antabax have earned strong support and collaboration from the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and the Malaysian Association of Health Education Officers (MAHEO).


Antabax has been championing good health and hygiene in creative ways to help more people adapt and practice a healthier lifestyle. The brand also explores new ways to be relevant, educational, fun and appealing since its CSR initiative in 2009.

To realize its mission of spreading the practice of hand and personal hygiene, Antabax always widens its target community and area for relevant events yearly. Communities in rural and far-from-town in Malaysia are also targeted in future programmes, to increase awareness on proper hygiene amongst them.
Lam Soon is a household name in South East Asia and recognised as a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) player, operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. The group business activities comprise of plantation/milling, cooking oil refining to margarine manufacturing, specialty fats, soap, detergent and oleochemicals.