Central Pattana Public Company Limited

CPN believes that “Sook-kha-wat-dee” CSR initiative will serve as a good model to inspire other businesses to do more to develop society in every possible way.


CPN is currently managing 24 shopping malls including the spectacular CentralWorld in the heart of Bangkok’s busiest shopping district, and other shopping malls under the CentralPlaza and CentralFestival brands. The company also has 7 office buildings, 2 hotels and 2 residential projects under its portfolio.

CPN is aware of the importance of doing business in a socially responsible way. The main thrust of CPN’s CSR is to aid and constructively develop Thai society in the form of continuous support for communities around its shopping malls, i.e CPN is constantly contributing to philanthropic activities for such communities. CentralFestival Pattaya Beach, Asia’s largest beachfront shopping complex, under CPN management, recently cooperated with Pattaya municipality authority and local communities to carry out the “Sook-kha-wat-dee” project, which means good restrooms in the temple in English, to further the effort of creating a hygienic and healthy environment.

This project aims to assist communities to develop and enhance basic amenities by improving the public restrooms in temples around Pattaya and maintain them in good hygienic standard condition by encouraging participation among CPN and other stakeholders.


“Sook-kha-wat-dee” is part of CPN’s CSR initiatives to promote good quality of life and proper hygiene in the communities. To fulfill this commitment, CentralFestival Pattaya Beach specifically focuses on continuously improving decadent public restrooms in religious buildings such as temples, churches, mosques in local community. CPN sees these religious buildings as an important cultural and spiritual place for people in the communities to gather in Thailand.

Local leaders or representatives of the communities were contacted and explained about the details of the project and benefits the communities would receive. Surveyed the sites and prepared the plan, and promoted the project internally and externally, gathering manpower from employees and members of the communities as well as donation in terms of money and construction materials, to work on the projects. To ensure the success of the project, CPN built up synergy among local communities, private sector, and government by keeping strong relationships and encouraging participation from the locals and the employees as well as constantly monitoring completed projects for repairing and maintaining purpose.


In the year 2014, a total of 26 public restrooms were built and renovated under this project. CPN is planning to further this number with 8 more restrooms in 2015. The positive feedback and full cooperation received from the local communities reflects that the socially responsibility consciousness is not taken for granted by the locals.


CPN is determined to support the development of communities surrounding its shopping complexes. In addition to running a business with social responsibilities, CPN attaches importance to providing communities with support for education and culture while taking part in building up a caring society. In doing so, CPN continues to build public utilities and transportation and provide mall space for activities in the communities in support of culture, education, religion, and environment.
Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN) is Thailand’s most accomplished retail property developer with the biggest share of retail property market in Thailand. It contributes to philanthropic activities for the communities surrounding its shopping complexes.