Treetops Executive Residences discover Green Project

TreeTops Executive Residences Singapore

Treetops Executive Residences has been able to save an astounding 50% of their energy over the baseline that was established in 2007.


Treetops’ direction of green consciousness, efforts towards energy conservation and reduction of carbon footprint, is evident in its Green Philosophy that harmonizes the ethos of hospitality and green eco-living for their guests.

The ‘Discover Green’ Project comprises of a series of Green Retrofits at Treetops, Treetops Policies for Sustainability as well as Green Initiatives for the Treetops guests. The installation of the retrofits were carried out in two phases, phase one was completed in 2010 and phase two in 2013 respectively. The overall project covers work to optimise efficiency in energy and water conservation, a waste recycling program, as well as a Treetops Love, Care and Clean Program to care for elders, and a Treetops Go Green Initiative for guests to play a part for the environment and society at large.


Treetops undertook the ‘Discover Green’ project in 2007, and took more than 5 years to improve their energy consumption efficiency and it includes capturing of Waste Heat using a in-house Tri-Gen System to generate electricity and operate an absorption chiller for the central air-con system thus supplying cool air to the entire building.The system also simultaneously heat up a central hot water system, to supply continuous hot water to all the apartments. Individual water heaters were then removed, saving the need for additional electricity required for heating up water separately for the apartments. The entire set of installations was completed in 2013.

A wind turbine system would also be in place by 2014 to capture discharge air from the cooling tower, which is in turn used to generate electricity to light up the basement car park. In addition, lightings within the premises were replaced with energy efficient LED and T5 bulbs that emit less heat.

The guests at Treetops are also encouraged to recycle waste by disposing recyclable materials at the Recycle Bins located in convenient areas.


Treetops Executive Residences have been able to save an astounding 50% of their energy over the baseline that was established in 2007. In total, the savings from both phase one and phase two have contributed to a reduction in greenhouse emissions of 1,543 tonnes per annum. The percent reduction in CO2 emissions from the base case is 52%.

The company holds multiple green awards and recognitions such as BCA Green Mark Awards (Gold in 2010 and Platinum in 2012 for phase one and two respectively), the Green Technology Award 2012, The Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2013 for Best Sustainable Hotel Singapore 5 Stars, and numerous other accolades.


Treetops continues its work with energy consultants on possible green retrofits that can be established, such as using sustainable energy sources via a vertical axis wind turbine that traps exhaust air to generate electricity. Treetops also regularly host Green tours for interested industry players to showcase current green initiatives and retrofits, while urging more establishments to join in the green movement for a more sustainable future. Other upgrading project works in the pipeline include a upgrade of the swimming pool water filtration system to create a more environmentally friendly pool, with reduced reliance on the use of chlorine. Treetops not only works to improve awareness amongst other companies on the benefits of going green but also works to anchor the Treetops brand to be synonymous with a ‘Green Serviced apartment’ that allows guests to “experience an eco-luxury living for (their) body, mind and soul”.
Treetops Executive Residences is a luxurious serviced apartment in Singapore where seamless hospitality is complemented with ‘green features’ in the premises for a holistic eco-living experience.