Go Green

DHL Express

DHL Express was the first to offer 100% climate neutral shipping service in the industry, providing customers with an environmentally responsible shipping option.


DHL is the first global logistics provider to set itself a quantitative carbon efficiency target. The company aims to improve carbon efficiency in its operation and processes and those of its subcontractors by 30 % by 2020, compared to their 2007 baseline. Given its environmental target, DHL’s goal is to offer sustainable solutions to its customers, and to operate an environmentally sustainable and efficient network.

As a company under the Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) Group, DHL Express Singapore incorporates Living Responsibility, a key component of the Group’s Strategy 2015, into its everyday business practices. On top of its environmental protection program, GoGreen, there are two other focus areas under Living Responsibility: GoHelp (disaster management) and GoTeach (promoting education). DHL sees its leadership in environment protection as a key measure of its business success.


DHL’s GoGreen program comprises of four key components: carbon accounting, abatement levers, employee engagement and GoGreen products and services as a way of helping its customers abate their carbon footprint.

DHL was the first global transport company to implement a third-party audit for carbon footprint to its supply chain business, right from the point of pickup till the final delivery to the end-user.

At DHL, the consideration for carbon efficiency is present in every important investment and procurement decision. A robust carbon accounting system, smart meter to monitor electricity consumption and telematic system to monitor driver’s behaviour are some of the investments it made over time to reduce its impact on the environment. DHL Express was also the first to offer 100% climate neutral shipping service in the industry, providing customers with an environmentally responsible shipping option. With this service, customers can support their corporate sustainability goals, boost their environmental credibility and make a positive impact on climate change.


In 2013, DHL Express Singapore improved its carbon efficiency by 8% across its service centres and offices. Its Hub facility located at Changi Airfreight Centre improved its carbon efficiency by as much as 12%. Its results contributed to the overall carbon efficiency improvement of 6% for all DHL companies across the Asia Pacific region.

DHL Express Singapore also received the Eco-Office certification from the Singapore Environment Council for two of its offices in Singapore. As part of its GoGreen service to customers, DHL Express Singapore successfully neutralised over 3.6 million kg of carbon emission for these customers in 2013 alone.


On this continuous journey towards reaching its environmental target by 2020, DHL will continue to explore innovative ways to green its operation and processes. GoGreen will continue to be an area of business focus where performance against target is reviewed by all levels of management, from local to global.

As the world’s leading logistics company, DHL strives to work alongside its employees, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders, assisting them in achieving their own green objectives.
DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry and “The Logistics company for the world”. It has a global network composed of more than 220 countries and territories and about 285,000 employees worldwide. DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting environmental protection, disaster management and education.