Ly Anh Duy Quang

Member of Board of Directors

Quang believes that only by spending his time to take good care of other people around him, can he build a firm and sustainable fortune.

  • GreenFeed Vietnam Corporation
  • Agriculture
  • 22nd Floor, Centec Tower, 72 – 74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., Dist. 3, HCMC, Vietnam
  • +84 (0) 979 777 779

“From Good to Great” – a book by James C. Collins is one of Quang Ly’s most favorite books. The book title itself is also his motto of living. He is never satisfied with what he is contributing. The urge to study, seek for ideas and take care of his family members keeps running in his mind. Quang believes that only by spending his time to take good care of other people around him, can he build a firm and sustainable fortune.

Growing in a family with business mindsets, since his teenage age, Quang has determined to become an entrepreneur. He has soon begun his first startup during the time he was studying in the U.S. His first company, founded in 2007, is a computer devices trading company. Quang foreseen that old computer devices can be bought at a cheap price at Best-buy and other companies auction sites. After a careful refurbishment, those items can be sold later at a much higher price. With four of his college friends, the company has done very well from just a humble garage. After the success with that trading company, he left it for his friends after getting his degree.

Following closely to his academic and start-up pilgrimage, the Board of Directors of GreenFeed highly praise his attitude and potential to become one of the Board members. They insisted to have him in the Board of Directors as soon as possible to fulfill the lack of young leaders in these current years. However, Quang refused the offer and chose to start with the lowest level at the company. He began with a job at the feed factory to learn even how each worker seals the bags or counts the pallets.

GreenFeed is the fastest growing feed miller in ASEAN, having its plants across Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. GreenFeed is founded in 2003 and is currently in the Top 100 Global & Top 4 biggest feed companies in Vietnam. The group of factories produce and supply pig, poultry and aqua feed. GreenFeed Vietnam Corporation consists of 6 feed millers located from the North to the South of the country, with a total capacity of 1,8 million tons per year. Cam My Boar Stud Farm and 3 member companies including GreenFeed Cambodia Co., Ltd.; GreenFarm Asia Co., Ltd and GreenFarm Hung Yen Co., Ltd., are operating on 600 active boar, providing nearly 1 million semen doses/year, and with breeding farm system of nucleus, Grand Grand parent (GGP) and Grand Parent (GP) sow farm up to 6,200 sows, to supply 100,000 GF24 Parent Stock gilts. GreenFeed is also operating the pangasius in Vinh Long, supplying the market of 2 billion pangasius fish annually.

“From GOOD to GREAT”

– Ly Anh Duy Quang

During the time at GreenFeed, Quang had soon realized the need of automation for administration.  He put up the idea of initializing SAP software solution for all GreenFeed company members. SAP ERP is enterprise resource planning software developed by the German company SAP SE. SAP ERP incorporates the key business functions of an organization. Effectively implemented SAP ERP systems may have many cost benefits for GreenFeed: Reducing level of inventory through improved planning and control. Improving production efficiency which minimizes shortages and interruptions. Reducing materials cost through improved procurement and payment protocols. Reducing labor cost through better allocation of staff and reduced overtime. Increasing sales revenue, driven by better managed customer relationships. Increased gross margin percentage.

He then realized the need to make a complete circle of Feed-Farm-Food. It is an ideal solution to provide the safest and cleanest products to the customers, by operating and controlling where the meat came from, how the cattle were raised and slaughtered at a global standard.

The Feed-Farm-Food circle had been brought up to the Board of Directors and successfully completed this year. Feddy, the meat distribution company, opens its website in 2017. The company also launches its application to Apple Appstore the same year, bringing ultimate convenience to the customers and receiving positive feedbacks. Quang has closely followed and advised the preparation steps of Feddy and its online launch. His vast knowledge of e-commerce helps speeding up the process and cut the time needed by half.

As the fastest growing feed miller in ASEAN, GreenFeed prides itself in covering 10 % market share in Vietnam and Cambodia. Not satisfied with that result, Quang is one of the GreenFeed team to enter Cuba & Myanmar markets. During his exceptional visits in Cuba & Myanmar, Quang played an important role not just being the pioneer in the industry, but also strengthening the connection between those Governments and Vietnam officials. GreenFeed will soon open its branches and feed millers in both countries, hoping to create plenty of jobs for local people.

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists” – Lao Tzu. Along with contributing key ideas and innovative solutions for the Board of Directors, Quang also silently takes good care of the staff and their family members. At GreenFeed, all of the staff are welcome to bring ideas directly to their managers, consistently following the company’s policy of “GreenFeed, get rich together”. Every year, GreenFeed offer scholarships for farmers’ children under the “Helping the farmers to keep their children to go to school”. This program is applied for GreenFeed staff’s family members as well.

Besides the non-stopped significant contributions to GreenFeed, Quang is keen on investing in potential start-ups and ideas. 9Stays, founded in 2017, is a travel company with an innovative interface that allows travel bloggers from professional to amateur levels to contribute reviews and insights of homestays, hostels and hotels all around the world. Complete facilities including travel necessaries such as 3G sim cards, maps and sceneries brochures are required by homestay hosts and 9Stays partners, to provide a thorough traveling package to 9Stays customers.
Cityboiz Tea & Coffee Chain, founded in 2016, is a young and vibrant coffee shop chain that provides healthy drinks and affordable coffee for the youth in Hochiminh City. Cityboiz prides itself in being one of the first coffee shop chain that serve Kale as the main ingredients in their drinks.

Career Highlights


  • Tafe NSW, Diploma of Marketing , Marketing
  • GreenFeed Vietnam, Member of Board of Directors
  • 9Stays Ltd, Founder & CEO
  • Cityboiz Tea & Coffee Chain, Founder & CEO
  • Quang Ly: “From GOOD to GREAT”

2008 – 2010

  • Orange Coast College, Business Administration and Management , General

2010 – 2012

  • Chapman University The George L.Argyors School of Business and Economics Bachelor of Science (B.S.), International Business