Le Hong Thuy Tien


After 13 years of devotement to her career as the President of IPPG, Thuy Tien has built up to the remarkable development of the conglomerate resulting to have become Vietnam’s largest retail enterprise with 25,000 employees, 33 subsidiaries and USD 542 Million in revenues within 2016.

  • IMEX Pan Pacific Co. Ltd.
  • Retail
  • 3rd Floor , Opera View Building, 161, Dong Khoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
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The magnate of the Luxury World in Vietnam was born in 1970 to a school teacher during The Vietnam War – an age of hardship and catastrophe; exemplified by her widow mother who self-raised five children after their father passed away at Thuy Tien’s age of five. With the remarkable inner-strength inherited from her mother, yet the young Le Hong Thuy Tien strives to be an accomplished successor who earns the respect of others; to industriously self-improve with a thorough education and conscientious to work. As so, Thuy Tien is usually described to be extremely independent and punctilious. With her high independence, she felt an overwhelming urge to get a part time job as an English linguistic tutor for younger pupils in exchange for payment sum in part of supporting her tuition fees throughout University years, helping her mother raise their family.

Thuy Tien got her first job as a Cabin Crew for Vietnam Airlines; the ace life of being a Cabin Crew opened Thuy Tien’s eyes to a bigger, multicultural and diverse world bringing excellent opportunities to learn and understand the cultures, observe what products were consumed in which countries, and honing her sense of trading also refined other characteristics of patience, caution, and the value strategic planning. Her flights had also fatefully brought Thuy Tien and her husband together. Who plays an important role in her life as a superb mentor in doing business; along the ways of Thuy Tien’s road of an entrepreneur.

Thuy Tien now is known as the pioneer in the retail business in Vietnam, started with Mien Dong Supermarket which was the first and largest multiproducts supermarket in Vietnam in 1995. Under her management, the Group started its Import business liaison with the United States and European brands with the total Import value of over USD 100 Million in every year. Her endeavor in making IPPG the exclusive Vietnamese Mechandiser for 96 international brands has resulted in the distribution of luxury & midtier fashion, perfumes & cosmetics, jewelry & watches, wine & liquors, and tobacco leaf. Within the confines of brands such as Chanel, Burberry, Ferragamo, Cartier, Rolex, Nike, Gap, Henessy, Rémy Martin, Camus, etc. The Group is also the exclusive franchisee of the variety of international Food and Beverage brands, with 88 stores and fine dining restaurants across the country: Domino’s Pizza, Burger King, Popeyes Chicken, Dunkin’ Donuts, Thai Village, Gao, Café De La Poste, Autogrill, etc.

“Work hard and earnestly is my key to success. Moreover, I believe PRESTIGE, CREDENCE, AND TRANSPARENCY are top three characteristics for me as the leader of Imex Pan Pacific Group to gain achievements in doing Business, particularly in Luxury Business.”

– Le Hong Thuy Tien

Thuy Tien is an active member applying innovative activities and solutions to accomplish her many strategic business objectives. Her continued professional developments and accomplishments are proven through its breakthrough in increasing the group’s presence in the retail industry in Vietnam as well as Asia. A few notable projects of the group are The Rex Arcade shopping centre, and Trang Tien Plaza, those have marked the open up for the group’s position in the import-export world. Moreover, IPPG now is the strategic partner with all airports in Vietnam to providing Non-Aviation Services of Airport Advertising System and the Duty Free Business. With the introduction of 2017, the conglomerate is honoured to be the majority shareholder of CRTC Company that invests USD 180 Million in Cam Ranh International Airport, with the capacity of 6.8 to 8 million passengers since mid-2018.

The success of the group has created thousands of jobs, pushed up the import-export sales volume, and boosted the company revenues and corporate tax duties for the nation and effectively raised the brand awareness and competitive position for Vietnam in international markets also contributed in the growth of national purchasing power.

Besides her professional expertise, Thuy Tien has also enthusiastically supported and empowered women equality and professional development in the workplace as of 60% of the group’s employees are women and the number of women in managerial leading positions has reached 70%. As a result, IMEX Pan Pacific has become a “second home” for staffs to consolidate, where business transparency and sustainable growth are the key elements of the Group’s domestic and worldwide reputation for luxury brands and duty-free businesses. Her strong effort in Corporate Social Responsibility to improve society for the better including building shelters and schools for children and teachers in poor rural areas, and supporting charity funds with the total value of up to USD 2 Million in the last three years.

After 13 years of devotement to her career as the President of IPPG, Thuy Tien has built up to the remarkable development of the conglomerate resulting to have become Vietnam’s largest retail enterprise with 25,000 employees, 35 subsidiaries and USD 542 Million in revenues within 2016.

Recently, Thuy Tien has been invited to participate at the 2017 APEC PUBLIC – PRIVATE DIALOGUE ON WOMEN AND THE ECONOMY, and at the panel of APEC BUSINESS ADVISORY COUNCIL (ABAC) 2017, presented for the leading Female Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Asia, showing improvement in many facets economically, politically, and socially, as one of her most proud international recognitions. In addition, she has received recognitions of the Third Labor Medal from the President of Vietnam 2014, and other 18 Medals, Awards and Certificates of Merit from the Ministries and Departments of the Vietnamese Government, and Viet Nam Women’s Union for her achievements and efforts for the country and society.

In further recognition to her success, Thuy Tien was awarded the Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneur 2013 and 2016 co-held by VCCI; she was nominated to be the Top 500 The People Shaping The Global Fashion Industry by BoF (Business of Fashion) in 2016 and 2017, and was named as one of the most successful Female Entrepreneurs in Asia by numerous international presses such as Forbes, The Guardian, Marie Claire US & Australia, Harper Bazaar, Her World Singapore.

Career Highlights


  • Established Mien Dong Supermarket which was the first and largest multi-products supermarket in Vietnam of 10,000 m² and more than 20,000 product lines;


  • Took the role of President of Imex Pan Pacific Group (IPPG); now there are 35 subsidiaries and joint ventures under IPPG;


  • Led IPPG started Import-Export business liaison with the United States and European countries, and started to exclusively distribute international luxury brands;


  • Reached over 600 retailed stores and more than 92 international most regconised brands under Thuy Tien’s management;


  • Expanding the Non-Aviation Business and Factory Outlet Business, and investing in airport international terminals at Cam Ranh International Airport.