Tamara Mehyar

General Manager

Foyer Décor started with a very modest capital, it is now considered one of the key players in the INTERIOR FIT-OUT CONTRACTING MARKET in terms of its quality offering, team enthusiasm for on time execution and real desire to satisfy the customer.

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Tamara Mehyar is an enthusiastic and driven architect who had studied Architectural Engineering and then continued into interior decoration studies where she found her passion amongst colors, materials and textures. She founded Foyer Décor in 2004, where she focused on the design and execution of interior works for spaces and private houses. She had always felt that the company needed to grow in the direction of large and corporate projects, hence she opted to transform the company into an interior fit-out contractor focusing on the execution of fit-out works for hotels, government buildings and corporate offices.

The year 2006 was a turning point for the company and Tamara Mehyar, as Al Hosn Furniture & Decor Factory was added to the group, and Mr. Emad Al Khalidi, became a partner in Foyer Décor. This has impacted the growth of the company as it no longer relied on third parties for the execution of wooden works which is the most important sub trade in any fit-out works. Also, the presence of Mr. Al Khalidi supported the growth of the business development and the reach and acquiring of new projects. Architect Mehyar became more focused on the execution of the works and the building of strategies and procedures for future growth.

Armed with a clear vision for the company, Architect Mehyar was able to lead the company into executing its first five star hotel development in year 2007. The quality of work, timely execution and customer satisfaction dominated the direction of the management. Foyer Décor’s team started to take shape as a homogeneous team of project managers, technical support, staff and labour. A team where the key personnel are part of Foyer Décor team till date.

Today and despite the fact that Foyer Décor started with a very modest capital, it is now considered one of the key players in the market of interior fit-out contracting in terms of its quality offering, team enthusiasm for on time execution and real desire to satisfy the customer. Moreover, Architect Tamara’s wide experience and continuous travelling to various countries always allows her to be exposed to the latest designs and materials in the international market, which she always insists to employ in her work.

Foyer Décor’s beginnings were humble. In 2004, it started with only three employees and now it has become a company that has employed over 150 employees in the year 2017. Despite the down turn of economy and especially in the construction field in the years of 2008 till 2010, Foyer Décor was able to persist and maintain strong relationships with its banking partners, clients and subcontractors. This year, Foyer Décor was able to execute two more hotels.

You are always innovating when you are an interior designer, you never do the same thing twice, which is thrilling.

Fast forward to today, Foyer Décor has successfully executed five 4 and 5 star hotels respectively, 2 hospitals, a prestigious school, as well as other spaces, retail shops and corporate offices, with a yearly turnover of over USD 15million.The headquarters of the company is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates with offices in Mussafah and Dubai.

Supported with its good revenues, Architect Tamara’s vision to expand into new countries was realized in 2014, where the first out of the United Arab Emirates showroom was opened in Amman the capital of Jordan, where she could benefit from the Arab free trade agreement in exporting the products manufactured in Al Hosn Furniture & Decor Factory to Jordan. A market that is a stable market amongst the more unsettled neighbours in the region. The need for quality products were enormously welcomed, and the showroom have become a reference for those seeking quality economical products. Since its inception, Vavona Showroom had expanded from only selling wood products to selling home products like mattresses and furniture.

Architect Tamara, has always highly regarded her act of social responsibility, which is what led her into establishing the “Eye Can See” initiative in Jordan, an initiative that is targeted at integrating children with visual impairment, through various social interactive activities. She has grouped a team in February 2017 to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the initiative and carried out activities that had raised USD150,000. This amount will be directly employed in establishing the Eye Can See centre, where training will be given to the parents, teachers and children who are visually impaired on how to train and help these children in their activities of daily living (ADL), as well as orientation and mobility (O&M). The first project that was launched under this initiative was the ECS integrated Choir, where 50 children who were visually impaired preformed with training and help.

Tamara Mehyar, a mother of two girls Zeena aged 12 and Seema aged 7, believes that excellence in work comes from the deep belief that we should love and enjoy in what we do, believe in hard work, focus and a real desire to achieve are the real keys to success. This has always been her motto and what she always tries to instil in her daughters, co-workers and team. Working together, mitigating and empowering her team members are also essential keys to the growth of any company.

Tamara Mehyar has a bachelor degree in architectural engineering from the university of Jordan, she enhanced her knowledge in interior design works through professional Interior Design in Ecole Boulle, Paris. She has worked for various multinational companies in senior positions before establishing her own company in 2004, where she has been working ever since. She is a member of many organizations, the International Business women Group in UAE, the Jordanian business women group in UAE, and the Jordanian syndicate for Architects in Jordan.

“You are always innovating when you are an interior designer, you never do the same thing twice, which is thrilling” is Tamara Mehyar famous phrase that you always hear her say, whether when she is encouraging her team or welcoming a team member or talking about her work to others.


  • Founded Foyer Decor.


  • Acquired Al Hosn Furniture & Decor Factory 2006 and transformed the focus of the company to interior fit-out contracting for corporate projects.


  • Expanded the company in new markets.