Rahul Duragkar

Managing Director

He considers people & Technology as two of the most important aspects of business. Together with the right people and the right technology, we can succeed in delivering the most complex technological solutions.

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A visionary leader who wants to create a mark in the society, a passionate engineer who encourages his team to strive for perfection & dynamic leader who leads his team from the front, Rahul Duragkar lives, walks and dreams about creating a world class engineering company which develops and creates engineering marvels.

Born in a Middle-Class family, Rahul Duragkar was a brilliant student and showed early glimpse of leadership skills during his school and college days. After graduating from a reputed regional engineering college from Central India, he joined India’s Central Air Conditioning major company Blue Star Ltd. He grew in the ranks and was part of many prestigious projects. When he moved to UAE in the year 2005, Rahul continued his success in his professional life and working on mega construction projects.

Year after year when he was busy developing and managing companies he worked for, he decided to devote his life for developing his own venture. In year 2011 Emitech was born and since then it’s been revolutionary growth and expansion taking place every year. When Emitech was established, the main vision was to deliver its customers a world class experience and develop a trust level with excellent customer service.

“Most Contracting and engineering companies only follow contractual terms and conditions and not all prioritize on the needs of its customer’s. We decided to feel this void without compromising our commercial interest” says Rahul Duragkar. He always keeps his customer’s needs on top and tells all his staff to be customer focused. All the employees are told that, its customer are those who pays your salary and so they deserve the respect and their needs fulfilled.

Emitech follows full corporate culture of any large organization and empowers employees to work in highly professional manner. All the key members are given enough authority to make their own decisions and be part of the company’s ownership. The company has grown well in all ranks and disciplines and aims to reach the 100 Million Dollar Mark by the year 2020. But mere commercial numbers do not satisfy the engineering and creative instincts of Rahul Duragkar. “within my heart there is burning desire to create and deliver something creative which is admired by world and give enough satisfaction for the hard work that has been put into this. That’s where our second company Climatech Interiors was born” says Rahul Duragkar. Climatech focusses on delivering sustainable interior fit out solutions in the fields of corporate offices, F&B, luxury residential segment and has delivered many prestigious projects since its inception.

To Develop a world Class Engineering company which is respected and admired by customers & all stake holders.

Rahul Duragkar wishes to create brand, a brand of “Emitechgroup” in the Middle East, India & Surrounding Countries with the capacity to deliver a large sized engineering solutions in the fields of Air, Water & Power. He truly believes that he will be able to take the group’s operations to places and increasing its capabilities in design solutions, engineering, procurement, construction & after sales service. He considers people & Technology as two of the most important aspects of business. Together with the right people and the right technology, we can succeed in delivering the most complex technological solutions.

Rahul Duragkar firmly banks on the support of his family including his wife Mrs Rinki Duragkar – who is his partner in both the companies and his children. His mother has always backed him from childhood days to take on challenges and his brothers are a big motivation to him.

Rahul is influenced by great businessmen like Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Narayan Murthi of Infosys and Dhirubhai Ambani. He draws the inspiration from their visionary skills, the hard work they put in making the business successful starting from a small startup and to becoming a successful entrepreneur. As we live in a highly competitive world with things taking shapes at the speed of the lightning, Rahul is a quick decision maker and moves at a fast-paced environment of the corporate world. He draws inspiration from His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai that “The race for excellence has no finish line”.


  • Established “Emitechgroup”.


  • Emitechgroup was awarded Ranking 21 by DUBAI SME .
  • Established Fully Integrated Interior Fit Out Company capable from design to build & furnishing.
  • Launched Solar Water Heaters in Dubai and established large customer base for the same.


  • Expanded Emitechgroup operations in India.