Khaled Khalifa Hamadan Salmeen Al Mansoori


I always keep an open mind, but at the same time, I plan thoroughly and carefully when it comes to the execution. You need both to be successful.

  • Emirates Driving Company PJSC
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    2943 Abu Dhabi
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Khaled Al Mansoori is a UAE National, with more than 15 years of experience in Finance & Strategic Management field. Holding outstanding governance capabilities in merging between transport, automotive & education sectors into transformation & improvement programs as a Chief Executive Officer of EMIRATES DRIVING COMPANY in Abu Dhabi. Mr. Khaled also spearheads growth strategies & investments within governmental, semi-governmental & public joint-stock companies in the United Arab Emirates. He is also the Board Member of the subsequences: Qeyadah Driving Solutions, RAK Academy for Driving and Executive Committee for School Bus Transportation.

Based background encompasses exceptional work ethic and commitment to organizational objectives within a highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace. Mr. Khaled adept at managing all phases of project life cycle, from needs assessment through implementation.

Achievements in Driving Training

  • World-class curricula, developed with the Swedish Road Authority to ensure the best training quality.
  • Tower Education: It is the first system in the world, where students are trained while driving without any instructor which develops their courage and confidence, the tower has been built to optimize the area and to give the students more self-independence while driving and more efficient and high quality driving lessons.
  • In our Safety Hall, we create an experience of the impact of accidents to make sure the drivers understand the responsibility they take on when driving on the road.
  • Simulator training to ensure drivers are ready for all kinds of weather conditions that they may not have experienced during their practical training. Depending on the nature of the weather conditions in the United Arab Emirates, it is difficult to train the trainee to drive in fog and rain. In addition, we wouldn’t want the student to collide with another vehicle or dealing with an accident with pedestrian or animal, or any hazardous conditions. Therefore, it was necessary to use the simulators to practice the driving in difficult conditions or climatic conditions such as rain or fog. Simulator is a state of art equipment that is being utilized in Emirates Driving Company as a part of practical training. Simulators help the students visualize and get a feel for different driving situations such as driving in rain, night and fog while relaxing in a safe classroom environment.

The following top 5 achievements of EDC showcase the continuous success in last years. Over the past 5 years, EDC’s revenue grew by 15% per year and doubled its profitability, revenue peaking to AED 250 Million in 2016 and share value peaking to AED 8.80 as on February 28th, 2017.

Go out and beyond, don’t be afraid of thinking big

Emirates Driving Company (EDC) was established in the year 2000 in Abu Dhabi as a public joint stock company, partially owned by the government of Abu Dhabi. EDC was mandated to reduce traffic accidents, increase training competencies and develop the skills of drivers. To achieve that, EDC collaborated with the Swedish National Road Authority (SweRoad) to establish a system for a high-quality driving education. Today’s vision of EDC is to be the leading provider of driving education and training contributing to safer roads for the community.


EDC is very proud of having developed and implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001-2008 requirements. The management thrives to continually improve quality on all levels to provide the best driving training services and to improve road safety.

The Executive Management is committed to provide road safety education and driving training for all vehicles categories on high quality standards, participate in improving road users’ traffic safety awareness throughout the country, provide a work environment, which enables individuals to work in teams, and help them to be creative, innovative, and productive and achieve highest level of customer satisfaction, and even exceed customers’ expectations.


At the core of our growth strategy we focus on developing our people. In the end, they are the ones who carry out our strategy and they need to be ready to do so. Our people need to be creative problem solvers in a changing environment. They have to be able to adapt to changes quickly. We aspire to become a team oriented flat organization that encourages continuous learning and development. It is not enough to have a degree or a formal education. We very consciously look at the mindset and skills that shape our company culture. We are looking at communication skills, creative problem solving, teamwork and leadership. Leaders must ensure that their people are ready to collaborate, to solve problems and be adaptive.Our job is to train people to become skilled and responsible drivers and this starts with ourselves. I expect a lot from my staff. I expect professionalism and role model behaviors. This is the only way to make sure we approach our customers with the right attitude and quality of service to achieve our goal, which is to have safe roads.

For problem solving and innovation, working together as a team is critical. Freely sharing ideas and thoughts assures that we reach to the best results possible. Finding and identifying the right people is not an easy task. I think a lot about continuously refining the way and methodology to find the right people. Recruitment is an art form in my opinion. The diversity of cultures and driving styles are a challenge on the roads of the UAE. Our trainings are tailor made to train people with all these different backgrounds as we severe the community to the best of our abilities. We are proud to contribute into the continuous improvement of road safety over the years and will continue to do so.

When I think about innovation, I always approach it from three angles.

  1. One is the customer. What is the benefit for the customer?
  2. The second is contributing to the community. We have an obligation to train responsible drivers that I take very seriously.
  3. The third is of course the business perspective; the innovation has to be viable.

I firmly believe rapidly leveraging on new technologies is the key to efficiency and competitiveness. In the driving and mobility sector, we are facing radical changes. Smart and autonomous driving, electro mobility, telematics, cheap solar power are just a few trends that will fundamentally reshape our business environment. We are making a conscious effort to analyze these changes, develop our business model so we will be ready, and benefit from these changes rather than being disrupt and overwhelmed. We want to be active creators of the future.

Our investment and growth strategy are based on diversification. To develop a sustainable business in this rapidly changing environment we need to be robust and resilient. Diversification is the way to achieve that.”

Since 2016, our focus was on improving customer service. We were able to reduce waiting times tremendously for example.


The biggest risk is not to act. As a leader in this market, you need to keep your eyes and your mind wide open. When it comes to growth and new market opportunities, I must go out and beyond, don’t be afraid of thinking big. When it comes to making decisions, and developing the business I am a diligent planner, I need a solid plan and very good people to control the risk. I always keep an open mind, but at the same time, I plan thoroughly and carefully when it comes to the execution. You need both to be successful.

Education, a rapidly changing market

The education sector is a fast-growing market in the UAE. Developing this market is crucial for the sustainable economic success of the country.

  • “Thepthong Award”, the Best Organization from King Bhumibol.
  • Consistence of Career Award from the Prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.
  • The Best of Networking Business from the Prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra.
  • “Goodman in Siam 2016” Award from the Chantorn Charatsri Yugala Foundation.