Dr Abdul Rauf El Jabour

Managing Director

Have a clear and precise vision, then put your full faith and belief behind it. Also, you need to have a focused mind coupled with the willingness for action, which will create the opportunities you need to succeed. You have the power within yourself to build the future you desire.

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An Entrepreneur in the Making

Abdul Rauf El Jabour, the founder and CEO of Pharmalink and Medicina Group of Pharmacies, is a highly successful executive and entrepreneur. The company has a total workforce of approximately 500 employees and it is extending its operations to other GCC countries; Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman.

Born in Palestine in 1958, Abdul Rauf completed his primary education in his home-land and during his schooling years, he used to spend his free time with his dad in the pharmacy. Back then, patients were treated and advised on their medical and health condition by the pharmacist, Abdul Rauf was inspired by the act and pursued his education in Pharmacy studies; he was fascinated with the idea of dealing directly with the patients providing them exceptional customer service. Due to the political instability, there, he continued his higher education in Egypt and graduated with a bachelor degree of Pharmacy. He then returned to Palestine and started working there but the chance for having a career growth was limited. Hence, in 1983, he decided to chase his dream and decided to move to the United Arab Emirates to look for a better career path and explore further opportunities. He started his career in the UAE as a medical representative in one of the internationally reputed medical companies and succeeded to develop his career. He managed to develop a great relationship with all the key opinion leaders and decision makers, which paved the way for him to establish and develop his own business. In 1993, he decided to take a massive career move and establish a Pharmaceutical Trading Organization.

Starting Pharmalink’s Journey

Abdul Rauf took the challenge and started the business. He had a vision, he wanted to be the number one trusted partner in the UAE healthcare industry through innovative collaborations and operational efficiency. His mission was to enrich the lives of people in the community, by offering reputable and reliable healthcare products.

In a short span of time, with the acumen skills and vision of Abdul Rauf, Pharmalink established itself as a leading supplier of medicine in the pharmaceutical market of the United Arab Emirates. He based his strategy on identifying the gap in the UAE’s pharmaceutical market. Pharmalink pioneered the concept of importing non-registered lifesaving emergency drugs in the UAE. Currently, we rank as one of the top in the UAE for the supply of non-registered medicines to all governmental hospitals and authorities and private hospitals. Consequently, this aided him in developing a strong and constructive relationship with UAE’s key governmental and private hospitals and authorities.

Furthermore, in 2004, Abdul Rauf took the decision to expand his business into the segment of registered medications. He travelled across the globe and entered various marketing and distribution agreements with pharmaceutical companies to make high-quality products available to UAE patients. Pharmalink collaborated with leading pharmaceutical companies and brands in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Asia for pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceuticals, orphan drugs, medical-consumables and medical devices that placed Pharmalink in the elite group of medical suppliers in the region. Moreover, the growth Pharmalink is achieving year by year attracted various suppliers and manufacturers to collaborate.

Abdul Rauf currently has a wide range of product categories in his portfolio, which satisfies all age groups and ranges from lifesaving and emergency drugs to consumables and over the counter medications that cover all the various specialties and this aligns with his vision and mission to serve the community in a better way.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Starting Medicina Group of Pharmacies Journey

Abdul Rauf’s dreams have no limit; he only believes that the sky is the limit. The UAE pharmaceutical market has become a competitive market and he encounters many challenges to make his high-quality brands available. Hence, in order to serve his customers in a better way, he thought to expand his business further and open a chain of retail pharmacies. The vision to make the brand name synonymous with accessible health care, birthed the existence of Medicina in November 2013. With strategic locations, in a short span of time, Medicina pharmacies have quickly become a well-known name in the pharmaceutical industry within the UAE.

His focus was not only to promote health but to bring back “care” into the framework of total wellness. Driven by his fundamental purpose to play an active and supportive role in each person’s life by delivering quality products and customer service that is unparalleled, he commits to help the patients live a better life. Medicina’s vision is to be the premier pharmacy retailer in the region, making a healthier and happier you, today and every day. Medicina’s mission is to be the health supplier of first choice to members of the community by providing them with wellness solutions, best products and exceptional customer service. In alignment with his vision and mission, he chose the slogan “Caring with Passion” since he ensures that each of his pharmacies within the group provides a cohesive unique caring experience.

Abdul Rauf is very proud of his great achievement in Medicina, where less than four years, he was able to have 60 pharmacies that are geographically spread across the UAE. He believes now his role is very challenging and the more he achieves, the more he feels accountable to serve the community in a better way.

Inspiring the Workforce

Abdul Rauf believes that, alone he can do little but together we can do more. He attributes his achievements and the success of Pharmalink and Medicina Group of Pharmacies to the hard work of a loyal and supporting team. He believes if the team is able to see the outcome and results of their efforts, it will inspire them to continue to create work of the highest quality. He focuses a lot on the concept of motivating employees through various manners.

Furthermore, he believes that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. Abdul Rauf has a strong and great passion for his business and after more than 35 years of working experience in this industry, he still enjoys every day of work and declares that he has a real opportunity to continue learning each day. He also attributes his success to following his instincts when it comes to business decisions and the willingness to take calculated risk when necessary.

The Future

Pharmalink as well as Medicina Group of Pharmacies are strong players in the pharmaceutical industry and have a solid presence, Abdul Rauf is looking forward to see them grow and continue in their success as he sees this is the most rewarding part of his job.

After the great success that he had achieved in the UAE and the persistent requests of his global partners, Abdul Rauf trusts that he can replicate his success in other GCC countries. In 2016, he put his first steps towards the expansion plan of establishing Pharmalink’s presence in Qatar and Oman as well as affiliating with distributors in Bahrain and Kuwait.

The Next Generation

Abdul Rauf has faith in the next generation, he incorporated his children and family in the business and believes that they will follow and develop his strategy and tactics to grow the business further and take it to the next level. Furthermore, he relies on the input of his loyal team who are behind his success and without each employee playing their role; the company would not be where it is today.

His word to every young entrepreneur; “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Abdul Rauf believes in the above quote, he is confident that it all starts in the mind. If you believe in yourself and your dreams strongly, everything is possible. He says, “Have a clear and precise vision, then put your full faith and belief behind it. Also, you need to have a focused mind coupled with the willingness for action, which will create the opportunities you need to succeed. You have the power within yourself to build the future you desire.”


  • Establish Pharmaceutical Trading Organization.
  • Collaborated with leading pharmaceutical companies and brands in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Asia.