Ahmed Mohammed Amer

Managing Director

Ahmed Mohammed Amer is God-fearing, a religious person and a generous philanthropist, actively participating in community services, and actively involved in various community and charity organizations.

  • Al Ain Oilfield Services Co. L.L.C.
  • Floor No 2, Alain Tower,
    Hamadan Street, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
  • +971 2 674 4979
  • www.alainoilfield.ae

Al Ain Oilfield Services Establishment (AOS) was incepted on December 30, 1992. A small company in the field of maintenance in United Arab Emirates with small capacity of staff and workers. Through the hard work of Mr Ahmed Mohammed Amer, Al Ain Oilfield Services has grown tremendously. As a motivation, he achieved the certification like; ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007. Al Ain Oilfield now has over 2,000 employees.

Ahmed Mohammed Amer’s started with a humble beginning and he is now an inspiration as the company grew in a larger scale. Through his effort and planning, AOS had intended to venture in the Oil and Gas Projects/ Offshore/& Onshore Facilities Services Industries. He has had years of experience in managing the Oil and Gas industry. By means of his experiences, the property development and construction projects have been successfully completed of all AOS projects in UAE from a small capital to more than Two Billion Dirhams. Significantly, Ahmed Mohammed Amer contributes to several high-profile projects since its inception.

He works as one family regardless of any Religions, Belief and Caste, Races, Nationality and work in his personal life. He sends his employees for training to attain knowledge in different fields and under his leadership, Ahmed Mohammed Amer has lead his employee to grow and succeed in different levels and department within the organization.

Al Ain Oilfield Services Co. L.L.C. received Recognition Award and Best Construction & Real State award in 2013 because of his hard work, efforts and dedication.

His efforts in tackling difficult jobs in crucial situations has led to the growth of the company each year which includes his consistent and firm decision making skill.

Ahmed Mohammed Amer was born on 26th December 1959 in Yemen. His family moved to a suburb Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. He studied at the Prominent University in UAE and where he got his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. His success story begins from Oil and Gas Industries. There he met Mr. Eissa and immediately created a small maintenance company. However, they did find the work interesting. He spends most of his time in continues search and teach operation, which for him was a pleasant diversion from his boring small maintenance work. However, Ahmed Mohammed Amer found an improvement in the General maintenance & General construction services.

So, he decided to come up with a Construction, maintenance for the government facilities services and Oil and Gas projects, Offshore/onshore Facilities Services. He made a list of the Company he liked to register them in maintenance and construction. He created an Engineering team by which, every person could find their desired maintenance and construction simply by approaching in the right manner. In1992 December, He started registering the list manually and called it Al Ain Oilfield Services Establishment. The list registered expanded as he founded more companies, including smaller companies and sister companies which he called Al Ain AOSIS Contracting L.L.C. Later that year he renamed the Maintenance Company “Al Ain Oilfield Services L.L.C.” in categories General Maintenance and General Contracting in building projects, Oil and Gas Projects, On-shore/offshore Facilities Services.

Our people, our strength

By November 2009, Al Ain Oilfield Services Co. had more than Three Hundred Thousand Million Dirhams projects per year and three years later this figure had risen to a Two billion projects a year.

  1. Al Ain OASIS Contracting L.L.C.
  2. Manarat Al Ain General Transport
  3. Wadi Al Ain Passengers Transport
  4. Al Ain OASIS Holidays
  5. Al Ain Real State L.L.C.
  6. Al Ain Travel & Tourism Agency
  7. Al Ain Aluminum Company
  8. Al Ain Security Services
  9. Rent a Car
  10. Al Ain OASIS Design & Printing
  11. Al Ain Marketing L.L.C. (Ajman Branch)
  12. Majmat Al Majaz Supermarket L.L.C.
  13. Ajman Marketing L.L.C. (Sharjah Branch)
  14. Al Ain Fried Chicken Restaurant L.L.C.
  15. Step Grocery (12 Branches in Abu Dhabi)
  16. Hotel Apartments

Al Ain Oilfield Services Co. among the most prominent company and one of the most highly sort after in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Networking services and etc. Ahmed Mohammed Amer who is one of the owners of the Multi Million business and has changed little in his life despite the amount of wealth he has accumulated. He still drivers a Mercedes Benzes to Main office of AOS in Abu dhabi City UAE.

In addition to his responsibilities as Managing Director of Al Ain Oilfield Services Co., He assumes overall responsibility for the construction.

Currently he is working very hard to make Al Ain Oilfield Group as International Construction and Oil and Gas projects.

Ahmed Mohammed Amer is God-fearing, a religious person and a generous philanthropist, actively participating in community services, and actively involved in various community and charity organizations

In his spare time, Ahmed Mohammed Amer enjoys football and joins walkathons, as he finds an ideal way to pledge with his family, friends while maintaining a healthy body. He also loves travelling to different countries

His passion for group business entrepreneurs is to inspire them to be courageous and self-assured in management, and he motivates his staffs and workers all the times. His vision remains modest enough to continue and be knowledgeable. He gives importance on pro-actively seeking opportunities and ventures to strengthen the AOS Construction and earn the expectation of the market demand.


  • Amer Ahmed Mohammed Amer became the First Classification firm in UAE with a net worth of 1.7 Billion AED