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Nawaz Khan

Managing Director

The yearly turnover of the company has been recorded to increase by US$ 14.54 million between the years 2010 to 2015.

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Mr. Nawaz Khan, an enthusiastic and dynamic person, established “Modec Building Materials Trading” in 2005, a Limited Liability Company, in Dubai, UAE. Mr. Nawaz Khan was a former Export Sales Manager in a leading Building Materials Trading Company, with five years of experience in GCC as well as in CIS and African markets. Having had sales and marketing experience, Mr. Nawaz mastered the art of achieving his targets effectively and moved on to become a successful Managing Partner / Director of the Modec Company.

Through a joint partnership, Mr. Nawaz has been implementing various innovative business strategies to enable his organization attain its long-term objectives with vast expansions over the past decade. The main business activity is trading of building and construction materials, and Modec’s customers are Interiors, Exhibitors and Furniture Manufacturers, spread over all GCC Countries.

To cater to the needs of customers, materials are imported from Malaysia, Taiwan, and African countries, UK, France, Germany, USA, India and China. Formica Products are mainly imported from France, UK, Spain, India, Taiwan and USA. Homapal Products are imported from Germany. Office Furniture and equipment are imported from the EOL Group’s French-located factory. Carpet Tiles imported from Burmatex, UK, Edge Band Lipping from Ligna Décor, Turkey, Raised Flooring from China and Leather by Mora Attilio, Italy.

The laurels acquired in terms of excellent Customer Service, positive customer feedback and the supply of Quality products, along with the rise in revenue profit has greatly influenced business statistics to reach greater heights thereby enabling the Modec Group to expand internationally. In 2008, the first overseas branch was established at Muscat- Sultanate of Oman, have recently established a second branch in Oman. In 2010 and 2012, they expanded to Bahrain and Qatar respectively. In 2012, Mr. Nawaz, along with his partner went on to set up “Fair Deal Tourism LLC” now retitled as “Modec Tours LLC”.

Motivated by the substantial rise in revenue profit, Modec moved on for further expansions in Baku-Azerbaijan and in Abu Dhabi, capital of UAE, in 2014. This year also marked the inauguration of another new business with the trade name – “Modec Furniture Industry LLC”, which exclusively undertakes projects involving fabrication and contracting.

The challenge isn’t just about driving growth; it’s about staying focused in business.

In 2015, another training division was set up in Dubai-UAE, dealing with niche products such as PVC/PU leather from Italy, Edge Banding from Turkey and Medite Panel Products from Ireland. Besides the expansions of Branch Offices internationally, the Modec Group also proudly is a part of various distributorships and dealership agreements they have acquired during the course of their business career growth such as distributor of “FORMICA” and “HOMAPAL” laminates, in the UAE, since 2008.

They had also signed a Dealership Agreement with “KNAUF LLC” for the supply of Gypsum Products and its accessories, for UAE and Oman markets. In 2014, the Modec Group signed a contract with the “European Office Log (EOL) Group” in France for the supply of Office Furniture and accessories in GCC and India.

In 2015, an agreement was signed with “Ligna Décor”, Turkey for the supply and exclusive distribution of Edge Band Lipping. The Modec Group also had discussions with another renowned company – “Coillte”, Ireland and they are in the process of signing up for a new brand of “MEDITE MDF Panel Products” which is supplied from the company’s mill in Ireland. Agreements to sign up contracts with leading a Leather Production Company in Italy – “Mora Attilio” – has already been set up.

The yearly turnover of the company has been recorded as follows: US$ 9.02 million in 2010; US$ 8.10 million in 2011; US$ 10.80 million in 2012; US$ 13.88 million in 2013; US$ 23.28 Million in 2014; and, US$ 23.56 million in 2015. Mr. Nawaz, proudly shares the following awards obtained by “Modec Group”: “Modec Building Materials Trading LLC”, achieved rank 57 in “Dubai SME 100”, 2015; “Modec Building Materials Trading LLC”, acquired FSC and PEFC certifications in 2015; Knauf Award 2014 – “Best Seller-Distributor Award in Muscat-Oman Branch”; Knauf Danoline, Denmark – 2014 “Exception New Distributor”; Knauf Award 2013 – “Emerging Dealer in Dubai-UAE”; and, Award from Jotun Paints – “Best Growth, 2012”.

In the analysis of the recent trends of the UAE construction industry, the study links the importance of UAE construction industry to the domestic economy stating that as one of the most rapidly growing economies in the Middle East, the UAE has experienced enormous investments in the construction industry from public and private enterprises during the past few years.

The UAE construction industry is projected to exhibit sustainable growth prospects in the next few years, according to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI). Specifically, construction sector as a percentage of GDP of the UAE reached 10.6% in 2008 and 10.3% in 2011 while for 2015 and 2021 the sector’s contribution as a percentage of UAE GDP is projected to record 11.1% and 11.5% respectively.

The cost of Dubai’s major construction materials groups rose marginally and the growth of this industry has accelerated during the course of the years 2014-2015, as new projects broke ground. The value of many GCC projects which had slowed down show strong signs of economic recovery as investors start to look ahead to the Dubai 2020 Expo, with the reactivation of numerous delayed projects and the launch of many new ventures.

Keeping the above stated factors in mind, their mission is to be the most customer centric company; offering a wide range of products on the huge platform of the construction industry. Their commitment is to provide their customers with highest quality materials at reasonable prices and their business focuses on assurance of delivery orders on time.

The Management conducts special training programs and seminars for the staff, to review and help them enhance their individual skills such as effective communication through customer service, product knowledge and customer satisfaction.

Vision and Future Expansion Plans

Year 2016 – Muscat office expansion: It has been decided that with the steady rise in the market trends in Oman, the Modec Group looks forward to expanding and developing their business in the interior regions of Oman, apart from Ghala, where they are currently in operation;

Year 2016 – New establishment in Saudi Arabia: The introduction of various new brands of products, has reinvigorated the management to plan on establishing a new office in Saudi Arabia, in the capital city of Riyadh, as they find it to be a potential area to be tapped for business development in the near future; and,

Year 2017 – Qatar office expansion: With the hype of the 2022 FIFA, they also have plans to expand office in Qatar, as this would be a prime year for business expansion and growth of the construction and building materials industry.

In summary to the above mentioned future expansion plans and proposals, they seek to become the main stockists in these regions, as they foresee a substantial rise in business trends in these areas.

  • A strong passion for trading in building and construction materials led to the evolution of a sturdy foundation in Dubai, UAE – “Modec Building Materials Trading L.L.C.”, the growth of which depicts Mr. Nawaz’s success story as, “A complete decade of triumphant business endeavours, since the inception in 2005”.
  • “MODEC” has implanted its roots all across the GCC countries within this time span thereby portraying an incredible performance with the tremendous rise in profit of US$ 14.5 Million during the last half of the decade, from the year 2010 to 2015.
  • His endless thirst for new ventures, continues to motivate him to strive towards spreading more branches in the existing countries where he has set foot on solid ground.