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Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman

General Manager

Al Jarman works on boosting new investment projects that aim at consolidating Emirates Transport’s position on the integrated transport services sector, locally and internationally.

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Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman is one of the UAE’s young and prominent leaders with expertise, efficiency, professionalism, and achievements in the institutional, financial, and investment fields. His path has been filled with success, strategic planning, future thinking, challenging obstacles, solving problems, and helping institutional leadership achieve constant and increased financial and investment growth that goes in line with the federal government’s directions and requirements, within a one-team spirit and positive energy in an ideal and pioneering work environment.

Al Jarman obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the Faculty of Administration and Political Sciences at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in 1988, and he currently holds a number of specialist and professional certificates. He joined ET soon after his graduation where he gained successive promotions from a trainee graduate to the Head of the Financial Accounting Department. In between he held the position of the Head of Financial Affairs Department, then he held the position of the Assistant General Manager, and finally taking charge of the entire organization in 2008, with a post he holds until now.

Ever since Al Jarman has held the position of ET’s General Manager, he has managed to attain a wide range of achievements and successes that have helped him make a qualitative transition in a record time, in the fields of investment, administrative growth and corporate development, boosting ET’s position in the market and enhancing its reputation and corporate image through a number of internal and external programmes. He has also spearheaded various programmes related to government and social communications in addition to working to promote ET’s website as an integral part of society through various activities and programmes relating to ET’s social responsibility, sustainable development and green applications.

Since he was appointed as General Manager of Emirates Transport, Mohammed Al Jarman worked to make a significant shift in the institution’s history and turn it from only a school transport service, into an investment institution where its services were branched into more than 38 different services in the fields of school transport, leasing and transport, technical services, logistic services and more. This contributed directly to the development of the main performance results of the institution and the start of achieving lucrative profits, therefore maintaining these profits in growth throughout his leadership in the institution.

Al Jarman is one of the most prominent business leaders in the UAE, with considerable experience, proficiency and achievement in financial and investment fields. Al Jarman has spent almost 28 years, in devising success through strategic planning and innovative thinking. Al Jarman is capable of successfully leading organizations and he has managed to steer the wheel of business in ET, to achieve a marked increase and development in the corporation’s financial and investment portfolio. He leads a team well known for being united and for its positive energy, creating an inspiring and model work environment.

ET, under the guidance of Al Jarman, works to sustain growth through diversifying its services and opening new markets for existing services available.

The work environment at Emirates Transport is characterised by its positive and innovative energy, constantly inspiring us to be the best at what we do.

Along with the institution’s senior management and work teams, Al Jarman works on boosting new investment projects that aim at consolidating Emirates Transport’s position on the integrated transport services sector, locally, regionally, and internationally. In order for this to be achieved, Mohammed Al Jarman adopted an approach and consistent standards to expand in operations and services. The following is a summary of some achievements in this regard:

Expansion and development of current services and the corporation’s investment plans (2014-2016)

The investment plans of the institution for 2014-2016, which was built as per the best international practices, under the leadership of Al Jarman, focuses on developing existing services in centres and units under the transport and leasing sector, and they are: leasing of motorcycles, limousines, Abu Dhabi International Airport taxis, private schools transport, valet parking, and refrigerated transport.
It also focuses mainly on supporting and developing the transport and leasing services in all public, federal, and local client sectors as well as the major private sector companies.

In the technical services sector, focus is on developing a group of the current services offered by the operation centres, in the fields of: car body repair, heavy machinery maintenance, fast technical maintenance of vehicles, luxury vehicles maintenance, tyres rethreading, dry washing of vehicles, issuance of operational cards for road transport, support on the road, and technical support unit.

The plan’s focus is also on offering preventive technical services to private and public sector companies. Independent investments were also boosted, specifically transport technology services, Reyama Taxi, facilities management, security services, and school transport in Saudi Arabia.

The plan includes investment opportunities and a number of initiatives to reinforce financial performance and expand it to services offered in these fields: private schools transport, heavy vehicles maintenance, light vehicles maintenance, logistic sector activities, entering joint ventures with leading companies in the transport sector in Saudi Arabia.

This is all besides consolidating independent investments of the institution in affiliated companies, including Emirates Transport Technology Solutions, facilities management, and taxi services.

Establishment of a number of affiliated companies

They are independent companies that are managed through their board of directors, under the leadership of Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman and include Speed Trans in Ajman, Emirates Facilities Management, Emirates National Facilities Management, Reyama Taxi Company in Fujairah, Emirates Security Services, Emirates Transport Technology Solutions, and Saudi Emirates Integrated Transport (SEITCO).

Establishment of the Saudi Emirati Integrated Transport Company (SEITCO)

By the start of 2014, at the dawn of the joint regional projects of Emirates Transport under the management of his Excellency Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman, an announcement was made about the establishment of the Saudi Emirati Integrated Transport Company (SEITCO), in partnership with Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO). This emerging company has some ambitious strategic long-term plans to work in the Saudi market and is based on a wide expertise, experiences, and capabilities of both sides which exceeds 35 years.

The first project of the company was when it was awarded a four year long, SAR 800 million-worth contract for school transport in Saudi Arabia of 115,000 students in Tabuk and the Eastern Province.
Al Jarman serves also as a board member of a number of ET subsidiaries, and of the Ajman Transport Authority, amongst others. In 2014, Al Jarman received the Golden Order of Merit in the category of “Wise Leadership in the Arab World”, during the Tatweej Academy Excellence Awards.

Al Jarman was also an instrumental figure in the corporation winning a string of prestigious national and international awards, including the Mohammed Bin Rashid Government Excellence Award (in 2009-2010, 2012 and 2014), and the “Grow with Public Transport” award for the MENA Region, during the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) 2013 conference held in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2014, the corporation was also named as one of the best working environments in the UAE, and one of the “Best 25 Workplaces in Asia” in 2015. The two awards are a great reflection and vindication of Al Jarman’s vision for a model working environment.

H.E. Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman, General Manager of the Corporation, received the ‘Leadership Excellence in Public Service Transformation’ award, during the 6th Middle East Business Leaders Awards (MEBSLA) 2015, organized by the American Leadership Development Association (ALDA), in collaboration with International Leaders Magazine.

  • Expansion and development of current services and the corporation’s investment plans (2014-2016)
  • Establishment of a number of affiliated companies
  • Establishment of the Saudi Emirati Integrated Transport Company (SEITCO)