Varavuth Jentanakul

Chairman & CEO

An energetic, fast pacing guy who is well connected to the world, full with fresh & innovative ideas, determination, diligent and high responsibility.

  • Zense Entertainment Co. Ltd.
  • 600/1-3 Soi Sahakarnpramun,
    Pracha-Uthit Road, Wangtongland,
    Bangkok 10310, Thailand
  • + 662 530 8111

“Graduated and worked in a field of finance and management, I knew nothing about television production but destiny guided me into TV host career and the inspiration of the new career voyage had begun since then.” And since then that he expertly leads Zense Entertainment into a promising now, the leader of independent TV production company in Thailand. From one TV program with a crew of ten, six years ago, now Zense Entertainment have already produced 25 programs in which 10 are now currently broadcasting on four major channels, seven days a week, with airing time of more than nineteen hours of great & diverse contents per week and with a revenue hike of 40% compared to the previous year.

Mr. Varavuth always tell everone to give respect to intellectual property of others and encourage his team to study creative ideas, techniques and innovations from all over the world. On his first visit to MIPCOM, the biggest international TV content market in Cannes 6 years ago he realized how big international TV content market is and that creative ideas could sell in international level. He then gave a regular visits to major TV content markets around the world associating with international colleagues as well as finding fresh & great contents for Thai viewers. Regardless of how expensive and difficult it would be, he believes that each international format he accquired would be a priceless study experience for everybody in the company.

Creativity Moves The World

Now his team, after learnt from several international format productions, can naturally think and work in an international way and be able to create world’s best quality TV programs filled with freshness with fun and excitement. And as social responsibility is a strict philosophy at Zense Entertainment, all of its TV shows must also be filled with positive ideas and knowledge. The company’s previous reality show “Game Ne Ra Mit”, in which 10 couple celebrities would create or refurbishing infrastructures or sbuildings for needed communities around Thailand, all were proved very useful for communities around the nation, where many are still in good use. The show also boasted the highest jackpot prize in Thailand, an innovative home cost 450,000 USD.

Everybody at Zense Entertainment would see Mr. Varavuth as an energetic, fast pacing guy who is well connected to the world, full with fresh & innovative ideas, determination, diligent and high responsibility. He prefers to let his team think and work freely, one can be oneself here at the company and that created a very productive and friendly atmosphere here at Zense Entertainment Company. The company strategy is to utilizes its compactness so that it could act fast, make a swift decision so that the company would reach its targeted achievement which is “always be the leader of independent TV content provider”.

“Give it all we have, and one day the world will respect for what we are and who we are.”, he usually tells his team.


  • Graduated from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA, MBA, major in marketing, finance and management & strategy.


  • TV Host; “Too-Saeun-Ngen” and “Keng-Yok-Hong”.


  • Founded Zense Entertainment Company Limited Hosting his owned TV program “Ha-Ma-Ha-Ni-Yom”.


  • “Ha-Ma-Ha-Ni-Yom” TV program in which he hosted won Best Game Show Awards from both Golden Television Awards and Maneemekhala Awards.


  • “Still Standing Thailand” international format game show in which he producing and hosting had won two awards; Best Host or Presenter and Highest Rating Game Show from Daomekhala Awards.