Dr. Somchai Hatchaleelaha

President & Founder

Dr. Somchai Hatchaleelaha always emphasizes the products quality and encourages accessibility for the business. J&C Corporation is still growing up strongly and will celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Establishing in March, 2017.

  • Join & Coin Corporation Company Limited
  • 107/1-2 Moo 3, Saima, Muang,
    Bangkok 11000, Thailand
  • + 662-9308909
  • www.coin.co.th

Dr. Somchai Hatchaleelaha, President and the founder of Join & Coin Corporation Co., ltd. (J&C) graduated from the Asian institute of Technology as a Doctor of philosophy Degree in Business Administration. He has been challenged by himself to develop the corporate platform and culture to be a modern trade Multi Level Marketing (MLM) organization. The company’s vision is “to be a network of direct selling company, which satisfies the needs and expectations of the members who are our partners, with competitive marketing and innovation”. According to the company’s mission of creating the tools and system, these are Join & Coin’s, JC Shop, JC I-Mart, JC E-Wallet, JC M-Shop, JC Virtual Store, JC M-commerce and JC Credit Card which are being used in the business currently.

His principles of life and business proceeding is being proficient and that leads everyone to achieving their goals in life. The discretionary decision is from the understanding in all aspects of the problem as the Buddha realized that life is ruled by Four Noble Truths which helps in seeking particular solutions and answers. Dr. Somchai started his own business in the area of real estate and furniture, included some other businesses long time ago. He first made a beginning of direct sale business when he was 38 years old. Since then, he always emphasizes the products quality and encourages accessibility for the business. J&C Corporation is still growing up strongly and will celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Establishing in March, 2017.

He presents the business objective through the missions which are developing online technology, increasing franchise stores, seeking quality products to satisfy all needs, focusing on regulations and standardization of the company, creating innovations for fulfillment of member expectations and creating tools including systems that allows for the inheritance of the benefits of members who are business partners of the company. The most important factor to achieve a sustainable growth is to attract and retain customers by always giving them satisfaction in their products and service. There has been a misunderstanding among several companies that customers are only looking for the best price that can prompt the customers to buy products and services. Therefore, it is important to understand the customer’s needs and the reasons behind their purchase decision.

Destiny is just challenging our journey therefore,
join with others to create a great achievement

Since 2000 when the company was established, J&C had been developed in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) continually and represented innovation of direct and convenience marketing until here and now. In the year of 2017, J&C is aiming to increase at least 10% of the sales from last year by going along with today’s challenges both internal and external factors such as volatility, uncertainty, complexity and agility. In order to meet the demand of each prospect members and customers, the company has been constantly improving and developing the productive of business tools which are being developed for more than 5 years, called JC Platform.

J&C Corporation currently has 45 branches in Thailand all over the country and more branches expended in Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia. The authorized capital of the company was 300 million Bath at the first place and in 2016; J&C revenue is about 2,000 million Bath without liability. To be ready for the expanding of the business, the company is now increasing the number of branches and also enhancing the business growth with innovation.

Construction of the JC-Malls in each part of the country which in the North-east part in Khonkaen, the North part in Phitsanulok and the Southern part in Songkhla (Hatyai) implies that J&C is different and tangible. At J&C, it is not only the place where we sell the products, but also where we offer ‘future security’ to our members and consumers. They can make money through different marketing channels including retail channel for retail orders, wholesale channel for big purchase and orders, and direct sale channel for internal consumption. They can choose the channel that suits them best because it is the company’s strong intention to offer them the easiest way to do business.

  • “Thepthong Award”, the Best Organization from King Bhumibol.
  • Consistence of Career Award from the Prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.
  • The Best of Networking Business from the Prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra.
  • “Goodman in Siam 2016” Award from the Chantorn Charatsri Yugala Foundation.