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Peerapong Jaroon-Ek

Chief Executive Officer

“Passion!” Is the word that fits the culture in this company, their love for their co­workers and the work that they love. This has always surprised themselves and everyone around them in things that they couldn’t have achieved.

  • Origin Property Public Company Limited
  • Construction, Property & Building Materials
  • 496 Moo. 9 Soi Bearing 16, Sukumvit 107 Road, Samrong Nuae District,
    Muaeng Samutprakarn, 10270 Thailand
  • (66) 02 399 4466
  • www.origin.co.th

Peerapong Jaroon­-Ek, a simple common family, every early morning his family has to transport vegetables and fruits to morning markets, from his childhoods years he would often help out his family by selling blended vegetable and fruit juice, and fried fish­balls to his friends and people in his neighbourhood, this cultivated him to be a sales person ever since his early years. During his studies he quickly grew interested in property and went straight to construction engineering, till he had a master’s degree in engineering at University of New South Wales, Australia and MBA from Kasetsart University, Thailand. After graduation he took on many roles in the property industry and by 26, he earned his CEO title, supervising a whole detached houses compound project total value of 300 million baht entirely on strong will and knowledge in the property fields, he became stronger. But he never has given up on his dream in owning his own company, and told himself that this is the time to start, and started collecting funds for his dream, went fundraising and collected 10 million baht from his relatives in promising them 6­7% return if he succeeds, before applying for another 20 Million Baht from the bank, the bank never really approved of his idea but after numerous attempts the bank finally approves the loan and that’s where he has founded Origin Property and currently one of the board of directors and remuneration committee of Origin Property PCL, a company which focuses on real estate development in Thailand. While all this time he believes that success comes from similarity distinctiveness, excellence service, innovative preference and creative experiences. Whoever is able to see opportunities in everything has already had the upper hand in this game.

The rest is up to your determination, the more you have to offer more successful you are. Origin Property has received numerous awards being the top 5 fastest growing listed company in real estate industry, which was developed entirely on organic expansion, they never did have the capital to invest in new lands or produce projects, he with the thought of creating a workforce entirely consisting of “Gen Y” generation (aging from 25­-35 years old) only believing in their traits highly self­-motivated, decisive and never giving up without trying, worked their way from scratch, finishing projects after projects within just a few months generating them enough capital to expand, without knowing it, it was their determination that resulted in doubling their revenues every year and surprisingly, getting listed in the stock exchange market (ROE 135%) in just only 5 years, altogether over 26 projects in hand is just amazing.

Origin’s story begins with the opportunity to use an innovative strategy, they called the “Blue Ocean Strategy.” The strategy presented when they began was unparalleled. By understanding a simple trend; they believe that a country’s infrastructure development leads to demands and by demands leads to supplies. What they did was foreseeing the trend and jumped to providing supplies to collect the demands that will soon be filled up by this cycle. BTS line extensions had an important role on their journey, it greatly expanded to unknown markets all over the capital and around neighbouring provinces.

Origin’s quick action to research the areas, which in time naturally grew and experiencing the same growth as the center of the city but more rapidly for its own reasons. There were no other developer who was willing to take such a risk to launch a project in those areas, as for Peerapong Jaroon­-Ek he thinks very differently and confidently launches clusters of products into the “Blue Ocean” areas in order to colonize the area preventing any competitions.

Opportunities is everywhere! Take it seriously! Never lose track of your goal! Never give up without trying! Set goals high! With love and dedication, you will go beyond your expectations!

When operating in Thailand one has to be able to manage challenges. He and his company has learned from the beginning in the midst of the uncertainty, they have faced quality standard challenges in creating a quality product to the public, pleasing everyone in its release. Due to low brand awareness they were far
behind, but still, they patiently worked their best to offer over normal standards value added products that help boost competitive advantages, they spent a lot of effort in researching and team discussion, piecing together new “raw” ideas fitting this era’s trends and integrate them into their product, each product they produce have a story of their own, they call them the product of love. His way of leadership was always getting creative, and encouraging creativity to all employees, never doubting his subordinates by opening up opportunities in ideas. Hence his company is mainly consisted of very young generations, therefore to point them in the correct direction, he has to trained them under his care, where he created the “Origin’s School,” to everyone who officially joins Origin Property. As a new member of Origin as well as current members, ideas delivered for evaluation is ultimately raw and farfetched, but all ideas and comments is appreciated even if it came from the contractors, house­maids, he believes that ideas coming from the employees in various fields this will show things that he might of missed out and enhancing their motivation by integrated their ideas into their work to focus them to do what they have suggested. This is how quality ideas become potential achievements. Staffs nowadays are really confident in their own self­esteem and highly appreciate whoever approves their point of view, otherwise will eventually get bored and leave. He also emphasizes that choosing to work with these people the correct way, carefully grooming them to love the work that they do, they will definitely grow with the company side by side faithfully with determination.

While KPI based performance shows how the staffs contributes to the company and is resulted in “fast track growth” offering higher positions in short period of time to test their skills and also furthering advancement in their career path. This is how he was able to manage a company over 200 employees of “Gen Y” staffs and keep them motivated by his side.

“Passion!” is the word that fits the culture in this company, their love for their co­workers and the work that they love. This has always surprised themselves and everyone around them in things that they couldn’t have achieved. He have a keen sense in doing business in an innovative way, to see things that others couldn’t is truly gifted. They hardly take the day off as these are the words of their employee, “every day is MY day off!” Peerapong Jaroon­-Ek is goal­ orientated, and always go beyond his goals. He sets them high, this is what make their company grow stronger. From a small company starting with 40 Million Baht capital, we have now grew to 5 Billion Baht public company within 5 years. And within the next 5 years their goal would be 20 Billion Baht and for the next 10 years their goal would be 40 Billion Baht and so on respectively.

“Opportunities is everywhere!, Take it seriously!, Never lose track of your goal!, Never give up without trying! Set goals high!, With love and dedication, You will go beyond your expectations!”

“Do what you love and love what you do” “Take everything seriously! Do not give up, find new ways and keep trying!”
(Mr. Peerapong Jaroon­-Ek)


  • Origin Property was founded by Mr. Peerapong Jaroon-Ek , The company which focuses on real estate development in Thailand and develops condominiums along new lines of Bangkok’s mass transit system.


  • Listed in the Thailand’s Set stock exchange market as the first day trading is on October 7, 2015.


  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2016 Thailand